Shura Council: Daesh, Al-Qaeda Fights Alongside US-Saudi Aggression in Yemen

Yemen: Yemen’s Defense and Security Committee of the Shura Council issued a report on Tuesday on the formation of Daesh and Al-Qaeda and their penetration and participation in the fighting alongside the US-Saudi aggression in Yemen.

The Shura Council report indicated that figures who later established the Islah Party, led by Abdulmajeed Al-Zindani and others in cooperation with Osama bin Laden and Saudi support, worked to establish the nucleus of Al-Qaeda in Yemen in the 1980s.

The report indicated that the Islah Party was able, through its institutes, to establish an army parallel to the state army, and all of them carried the takfiri doctrine and this was evident in the 1994 war.

The report also indicated that from 2011 to 2014, Al-Qaeda carried out more than 1,000 criminal operations and assassinated 264 political, military, academic and media figures.

The Shura Council report noted that deals took place between the US-Saudi coalition with the Al-Qaeda and Daesh  in 2015 in Hadramout, in 2016 in Abyan and in 2018 in Shabwa, all ended with the coalition taking over those governorates and merging the fighters of the two organizations in what was called the National Army and the Security Belt.

The report explained that the US and its allies’ annoyance about the liberation of Marib confirms its protection and sponsorship of the takfiri organizations. It is a practical evidence that it is American in origin and purpose.

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