Afghanistan: War Crime Updates, Enemy bombs health center in Faryab

Enemy bombs health center in Faryab

FARYAB, Mar. 14 – Yesterday, the CHC Plus Clinic (+ CHC) in Almar district of Faryab province, which was providing health services to the area, was bombed and destroyed by enemy air planes. It is an example of the brutality of the mercenary enemy with public utility and health facilities being carried out unabashedly.

The clinic, where all medical equipment, facilities and buildings destroyed, was funded by the SDO, Sanayee Development Organization .

The clinic also provided various medical services to the people who are currently deprived of benefits.

The clinic had a total of 23 staff members, including 14 male and 9 female staff.

On the other hand, a few days ago, in the Fitlo area of ​​Shirazdo district of Nangarhar province, the soldiers of the Kabul administration set up a bunker at the local DH clinic and carried out their brutal operation from there.

By doing so, it has paralyzed the entire clinic, threatened and expelled its staff, and barred people from visiting the clinic.

The Health Commission of the Islamic Emirate strongly condemns such repeated crimes against humanity by the enemy and calls on the international health and humanitarian organizations to pay serious attention to this issue and play their role in preventing such acts and crimes of the enemy.

The country’s media should not remain silent, it should cover such anti-national acts and fulfill its obligation to expose acts against the general public.


Raid on Seminary and Airstrike on Clinic

A few days earlier on the 11th of March, the Kabul administration intelligence forces raided an Islamic seminary in Khogyano district of Nangarhar province, rousting students from their beds and handcuffing them, before ruthlessly executing ten memorizers of the Holy Quran. This attack on an Islamic educational institute in Nangarhar not only aroused widespread public anger, but it was called a war crime and taken as a clear sign of enmity towards the religious values and sanctities of the Afghans.

Barely a week had passed since the Nangarhar atrocity when enemy aircrafts bombed Almar district clinic in the northern province of Faryab. This clinic staffed by 14 male and 9 female health workers that operated as the sole organized hospital in the region catering to the medical needs of locals was deliberately targeted and the building along with all equipment destroyed.

Like the incident in Nangahar, the media and other world organizations also adopted silence about the bombing of a clinic in Faryab, but this silence can never alter the nature of these horrific brutalities and blatant war crimes, rather this silence only brings under question the impartiality of these organizations and erases their credibility in the eyes of the people.

We would like to again convey to the world and our compatriots that the imposed administration on our homeland funded by foreign weaponry, money and supposed ‘resolute support’ is a brutal and destructive killing machine that deliberately murders the young, old, women, children and even students of our country, razes their bazaars, mosques, hospitals and seminaries and does not turn away from any form of brutality and abuse.

This oppressive and terrorizing setup that then calls itself the legitimate government of the people of Afghanistan at the negotiating table will never be endowed such a title because governments protect the life and property of their citizens, whereas the Kabul administration pursues survival in killing and looting, and targets the most vulnerable strata with the most brutal tactics. This persecution of people and destruction of civilian infrastructure is a clear sign that the Kabul administration has no true relation with the masses and country, but is an imposed and foreign imported phenomenon that continuously murders Afghans for foreign interests.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan which as always raised the oppressed voice of its believing nation shares the pain of its people in these recent incidents and considers protecting, defending and responding to their cries its primary duty. We assure our people that their blood shall never be forgotten nor wasted. The brutal invaders and their lackeys are only speeding up their own downfall with such actions because oppression has no lasting power and the end of oppressors is unfailingly destruction and ruin.

9 students, 1 teacher martyred in cold blood 

NANGARHAR, Mar. 13 – The enemy martyred 9 innocent student and 1 teacher amid a night-time aggression lasting 24 hours when the joint enemy raided an institute of the Islamic education as well as the houses of the civilians in Khogyani district of Nangarhar province.

13 children, 1 teacher martyred in enemy aggression

GHAZNI, Mar. 16 – Sadly, a child was deliberately shot and martyred by the enemy in Qarabagh district of Ghazni province.

In another unfortunate event, 10 students of a Madrasa including their teacher were brutally martyred in Nangarhar province, while 3 children were inhumanly martyred by the enemy in the provincial capital of Zabul district.

3 civilians martyred, 5 injured; 12 detained 

NANGARHAR, Mar. 19 – An innocent aged civilian was mercilessly martyred and 5 more including women were injured when the enemy outrageously pounded the residential area with artillery rounds.

In reports from Logar province, the defenseless civilians suffered heavy losses and they were robbed of their cash and valuables during a nighttime raid by the enemy in Khoshi district of Logar province.

In another report, a civilian was shot with heavy weapons and martyred in Qala-e-Zal district of Kunduz province, whereas another civilian was martyred by the enemy in a similar attack in Manjigag district of northern Jowzjan province.

In reports from Kabul province, 12 civilians were forced out of their houses and abducted in Qarabagh district of Kabul province.

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