Military Expert: US Claims About Peace in Yemen Only Propaganda

Yemen: Yemeni military expert, Brigadier General Abed Al-Thawr confirmed that the United States claims about peace in Yemen are only propaganda.

“The US left everything in Yemen, and talked only about Marib,” Al-Thawr said, mocking the American request to stop the progress of the Yemeni Armed Forces and appeal to peace.

“If the US administration is sincere in its claims about peace, it should start with what was agreed upon in Stockholm, then comes the talk about Marib,” he added.

Al-Thawr wondered why the US did not speak when Sana’a was bombed and the detention facilities were bombed.

The military expert indicated that the war on Yemen is the result of the rejection of the US hegemony and Saudi tutelage, which will not return even if it is in the context of a peace initiative.

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