US Saudi Coalition deploy their Al-Qaeda, Daesh terrorists in Marib Yemen

MARIB, Feb. 25 (YPA) – The terrorist organizations have deployed their militants in a number of neighborhoods and streets of Marib city and inside the coalition camp in the Al-Jin area, local residents said.

Local residents in Marib province told Yemen Press Agency, that many gunmen from the terrorist organizations Al-Qaeda and ISIS were heavily deployed in al-Rawdha neighborhood and Al-Mile Street in downtown Marib.

This cause panic among the city’s residents.

Moreover, the sources confirmed that coalition forces brought hundreds of al-Qaeda and ISIS militants to  Sahan Aljan  camp hours after an explosion rocked the joint operations headquarters during a meeting of senior  commanders in Marib.

The sources said that coalition forces armed terrorist elements with various types of weapons, including armoured vehicles and military vehicles, and deployed them in the vicinity of the camp.

This comes a day after the emir of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Khaled bin Omar Batarfi, states that the terrorist Abu Al-Hassan Al-Sulaymani, an Egyptian national, has been appointed as leader of the organisation’s militants in the battle of Marib.


5 thoughts on “US Saudi Coalition deploy their Al-Qaeda, Daesh terrorists in Marib Yemen

      • Wow, they get to travel all over to do all kinds of ‘exciting’ stuff, but of course, they are mugs who have a very strong likelihood of ending up getting killed, likely by their own employers at some point in the near future, their lives remind me of the burned out American guy in the film The Deer Hunter who lives out his life in Vietnam after the war playing Russian Roulette in a sleazy bar for money until he actually succeeds in blowing his brains out, that is the kind of suicidal pointless spiritually dead lives they lead. Years ago I had a serious offer to work guarding oil pipelines, but I turned that down seeing where that would likely lead, and I have had another offer to work abroad doing similar work in the ME, as my earlier background was in marine seismic survey, looking for oil off the coast of Canada, Denmark and Scotland. These days ONLY those types of people can travel all over the world, they are the ‘elite’ in their dreams at least, just for a short while. Even if they live, the nightmares will make them suicidal.

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