Joe Biden Completes His Predecessor’s Policy, Supports Saudi-led Coalition in Its War on Yemen

Yemen:  The administration of US President Joe Biden announces its adoption to support the Saudi-led coalition in its war on Yemen, ending a torrent of speculation about the policy that this administration will pursue regarding Yemen.

The statements of the new US Secretary of State Antony Blinken during his first press conference made it clear that the US support for Saudi Arabia in its war on Yemen will continue.

Blinken described the US relation with Saudi Arabia as a partnership, which requires the US “to help defend Saudi Arabia against aggression directed at Saudi Arabia, including from Yemen and from the Houthis.” 

Observers consider Blinken’s remarks as the beginning of new chapters of the US-Saudi war on Yemen that may continue for years to come.

Blinkin’s statement, which comes in conjunction with the arrival of new US forces in Mahra, confirms that Yemen is a priority for the Americans. The occupation of Yemen’s islands, ports and coasts has become the US goal for all successive administrations of the White House and this is the reason behind the declaration of this war by Washington on the 15th of March 2015.

According to observers, the new US administration has put control over these areas as the basis for any upcoming move in Yemen. This is evident and clear in my vision of peace recently presented by the former ambassador to Yemen Gerald Verstein and his deputy Nabil Khoury, which stipulates that the governorate of Al-Mahrah will be granted to Saudi Arabia, while Aden and Socotra island to the Emirates as a basis for any political solution in Yemen. Observers considered this vision as a US plan to tighten its control over these areas, directly through its forces, and indirectly, through its tools in the Saudi region and the UAE.

Observers believe that Biden today confirmed, through his foreign minister, his formal adoption to support the Saudi-led coalition in its war on Yemen. Although he would pursue his own policy that contradicts the policies of his predecessors Obama and Trump, he will not contradict the general policy drawn up by the deep state that rules the US, which considers its occupation of Yemen part of the project to control strategic marine navigation lanes and keep US opponents away from this region.

Translated report from YPA

4 thoughts on “Joe Biden Completes His Predecessor’s Policy, Supports Saudi-led Coalition in Its War on Yemen

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      • Like Leonard Cohen once sang. “Everybody know the game been fix, the rich man getting richer and richer.” And the poor nations being stolen. This is why the USA looked foolish. He closed down pipe line. For nature? I don’t think so my friend. When us in the USA are paying $3.00 a gallon from the middle east. Wasn’t to save our earth. Bad days are coming.

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