Polisario forces attack Moroccan army positions | Yemen Press Agency

SANAA, Jan. 24 (YPA) – Polisario Front launched an attack on the Guerguerat area on the border between Morocco and Mauritania, the Saharawi press agency SPS said in a statement on Sunday.

“The Saharawi army launched four rockets in the direction of Guerguerat,” SPS said, citing a military leader of the separatist Saharawi forces.

Morocco launched a military operation on November 13 in the buffer zone of Guerguerat, in the extreme south of the former Spanish colony, to drive out a group of Saharawi militants who were blocking a transit route to neighbouring Mauritania.

The statement also reported attacks along the security wall that separates Saharawi fighters from Moroccan forces in the vast desert territory.

Tensions between Morocco and the Polisario Front have escalated recently, with the buffer zone of Guerguerat , located in Western Sahara, in mid-November,

In a statement issued by its Foreign Ministry, the Kingdom of Morocco said it had “no choice but to assume its responsibilities in order to put an end to the obstruction resulting from these acts and to re-establish freedom of civil and commercial movement.




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