No End to Devastating US Economic Collapse … or Why They are Pushing Domestic Terrorism Laws

For 42 consecutive weeks since last March, record numbers of jobless US workers filed claims for unemployment insurance (UI) help — with no end to what’s going on in prospect.

Over 26% of working-age Americans are unemployed, not the phony BLS reported 6.7%.

Its data are part of mass deception about the dismal state of things for ordinary Americans — enduring the nation’s Greatest Depression.

The worst of things likely lies ahead. Wall Street on Parade editors slammed the WSJ’s editorial board, saying:

After “coddl(ing) Trump for his entire four years in office…(it’s) now calling for (him) to resign.”

“There is no line (he) hasn’t crossed over the past four years, constitutionally or otherwise.”

During the Greatest US Depression last year into this one, he stiff-armed jobless and other disadvantaged Americans in need.

Throughout his tenure, he served privileged interests exclusively at the expense of most others at home and abroad.

In fairness, so did Obama/Biden, Bush/Cheney, the Clintons, and most of their predecessors.

Trump won’t be missed when gone, his crucifixion unconstitutional and unforgivable. 

What’s replacing him may be worse. What happened last year to now may be prelude to ending the American dream for most people forever.

Tens of millions of Americans are unemployed or underemployed earning poverty wages with few or no benefits.

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6 thoughts on “No End to Devastating US Economic Collapse … or Why They are Pushing Domestic Terrorism Laws

  1. This is the way to bring the system down.

    Keeping factories and schools open to save the capitalist system and the profits of the superrich will only prolong the misery. Are profits more important than peoples lives?

    People who still have a job in a car factory, a meat processing plant, plucking fruits on farms and orchards, or working in schools and day care centers are the ones who die from CIVOD-19.

    Lamenting about jobless numbers and waiting for greedy industrialists (formerly called robber barons) to open new companies is futile, founding or joining community workshops, farms, cooperatives, being creative to find the niche where one can contribute to the local economy is the right thing to do.

    Instead of protesting or staring spellbound at smartphone, computer, and TV screens, People should investigate what is needed in their neighborhood and then look for ways to produce, trade, and distribute goods or learn, setup, and offer needed services.

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