United Nations Remains Silent Regarding Crimes of Aggression in Yemen

More than 43 thousand civilians are victims of the Saudi aggression in Yemen. This was some of the shocking numbers of a report, by the national team, in charge of dealing with the international experts, they revealed them during a press conference, in Sana’a, highlighting some of the crimes and violations of the Saudi aggression in Yemen. The national team refuted what was mentioned in the reports of the International Group of Experts and said that it is incomplete information that does not reflect the size of the actual violations of the aggression coalition in Yemen.

A member of the Yemeni national team, Akhlaq al-Shami, said: “The reports of international experts need to be edited. The information is inaccurate and they are supposed to come on the ground and verify it.”

Ali Tayseer, an official in the Yemeni Ministry of Human Rights, said: “There is a group estimated at 361 civilians who lost their lives due to the siege and their inability to obtain the necessary medicine or go abroad for treatment.”

The aggression and the siege have caused the worst humanitarian disaster in the world. According to the report, 20 million Yemenis suffer from food insecurity, while 80% of the population is in urgent need of humanitarian aid. The aggression and siege have also caused a decline in the level of health and educational services, the non-payment of salaries, closure of Sanaa airport, and the widespread destruction of the infrastructure. The human rights reports monitored other violations related to the displacement of civilians, their forcible disappearance in secret prisons, and the aggression’s use of forbidden weapons.

Nasruddin Amer, Undersecretary of the Yemeni Ministry of Information, said: “Regarding the issued reports by the group of eminent international experts of the violations, which have become documented by the United Nations, no action was done by anyone from the international community and the United Nations.”

The categories of children and women are considered the most affected by the aggression and siege. A large number of them were killed due to direct targeting and malnutrition. The statistics of the official authorities indicate an increase in the number of displaced persons as more than four million, most of them children and women, are displaced. The organizations indicated that these numbers are what they have been able to document, confirming that the real numbers are much more than that.

Despite the international reports on these crimes and violations are continuous and demands for the formation of impartial investigation committees are not stopped, they do not receive any positive reactions from the United Nations.

Translated from Al-Alam


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