World Community Failure to Uphold the Rule of Law

World reactions to likely Israeli responsibility for Mohsen Fakhrizadeh’s assassination were hollow and toothless.

The US, other Western countries, Israel, and their imperial partners operate extrajudicially on the world stage with impunity.

In breach of its Charter principles, the UN secretariat and other key officials consistently ignore the highest of high US, NATO, Israeli high crimes — instead of condemning them and demanding accountability.

Instead of pursuing a new era of world peace and stability, the world body fails to condemn US, NATO, Israeli crimes of war and against humanity.

Instead of demanding respect for the sovereign rights of all nations,  free from foreign interference according to international law, the UN secretary general and other key officials do nothing to challenge Western and Israeli contempt for these rights.

The UN consistently supports powerful interests over peace, equity, justice, and the rule of law — abandoning its own Charter principles it breaches time and again by its actions and inactions.

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