Demonstrations in Baghdad, Demanding US Leave Iraq | أنصار الله

There was intense security deployment, on Saturday, near the Tahrir Square in the center of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, as a result of the arrival of dozens of demonstrators to the square protesting against the United States military presence, a security source reported.

“Dozens of demonstrators arrived at the Tahrir Square in the center of the capital, Baghdad,” the source said in an interview with Alsumaria News.

The source, who preferred not to be named, added that “a heavy security deployment was imposed by the security forces near the demonstrators,” stressing that “there are no roadblocks.”

The source pointed out that “the demonstrators went out” to protest against the US military presence, after a vote in Parliament early this year.

The demonstrators, who waved the flags of the Popular Mobilization Forces, chanted slogans such as “America go out, Baghdad is free,” and “Your staying in Iraq is playing with fire,” while they were standing near one of the entrances to the Green Zone where the US embassy and the headquarters of the Iraqi government and parliament are located.

The Iraqi parliament adopted a resolution calling on the government to set a timetable for the departure of US forces, two days after the assassination of the martyr commander Qassem Soleimani and Hajj Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis by the United States near Baghdad airport.

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