Still Breathing

Apologies for being missing so much lately. I’m having technical difficulties with my tablet. Hopefully I can afford repairs or another device soon. Trying to stay in touch as much as possible from a phone.

Summer solstice blessings to all in the northern hemisphere.

2 thoughts on “Still Breathing

  1. Sorry to hear that. Did you look at eBay? I have a few idle Apple Mac mini plus flatscreens, but they are too bulky to send and you probably don’t like Apple.

    Anyway, the pandemic is not abating (bad), the global financial system and supply chains could collapse indeed (good), Western leaders are desperate to shift attention away from their failure to take appropriate actions and try to start more wars (bad), societies are disintegrating as people have to avoid personal contacts and spend more and more time with their electronic gadgets (bad).

    Be glad, that your computer freed you, and if you have a forest nearby, spend the gained time there (or do whatever you like to do most — as long as no digital technology is involved, it should be okay).

    Best Wishes!

    • Thank you. Enjoy your summer as well. 😊 I’ll figure out a tablet or laptop not in huge hurry with summer here. Thank you for offer and kindness.
      Take care and blessings.

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