Why and who is attacking religious figures and centers in Kabul?

Mosques play a crucial role in Islam and the Afghan society and as Afghans are a peace loving Muslim people and followers of the holy religion of Islam, these religious centers or mosques are not only considered places of worship but also serve as places of enlightenment against all evil. However we have recently been witnesses to an uptick in attacks on mosques and religious centers by the enemies of our religion and peace in various parts of the country specifically Kabul.

Ever since the signing of the peace agreement, the enemies of peace in Afghanistan have tried their best to sabotage it. There are various evil internal and external actors actively working against the peace process. We have seen frequent attacks on religious commemorations in Kabul, attacks on funerals resulting in unspeakable carnage and death and the assassination of notable and popular scholars by these same elements in an effort to silence the voices of peace. The sly enemy is seeking to sabotage the peace process at all costs and with it prolong the stay of foreigners with the aim of continuing the deadly and destructive cycle of the past two decades.

On top of trying to sabotage the peace process, the selective targeting of religious centers in populous cities specifically Kabul are designed to ignite religious and ethnic hatred and to drive a wedge between the Afghan society akin to other countries like Iraq that fell prey to such evil designs and suffered immensely.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has shown that it will never allow anyone to work against peace in Afghanistan and will continue to thwart the evil plans of the enemies of Afghanistan and Islam. Recently, an independent Afghan media outlet published documented video evidence that senior officials working with the notorious intelligence agency of the Kabul administration known as NDS is involved in these terrorist acts — assassinations, bombings and targeting of religious scholars, pro-peace activists, religious centers, mosques and other soft civilian targets.

The video shows a number of perpetrators confessing to their crimes and naming the intelligence agency of Kabul administration specifically the 62nd Directorate as supporting these terrorists in carrying out these heinous attacks. Those arrested also reveal sensitive information about their handlers and about their plans for the near future and with it expose the evil dual face of the Kabul administration engaged in active and systematic sabotage programs aimed at derailing the peace process in Afghanistan.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has already routed the militias of Daesh from all parts of Afghanistan and will continue to pursue them deep into their remaining city sanctuaries. The international community should know that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan sees the political resolution of the conflict in Afghanistan as the only way forward with complete withdrawal of foreign forces paving way for Afghans to create an effective environment for peace in Afghanistan and to have ever lasting stability in the country resulting in harmony and prosperity for our homeland.

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