Doctor Strangelove Takes Care of Our Health. The Real Scenario is Nuclear War? “Senator, I am a Fan of Flexible First-use Policy” By Manlio Dinucci

Read this article very carefully. Forward it around the World. Our US foreign policy experts are contemplating NUCLEAR WAR ON A FIRST STRIKE BASIS AGAINST RUSSIA. And the media is telling us folks who are under lockdown that coronavirus is far more deadly than nukes. And yes, of course, we believe you…

“When the Lie becomes the Truth, there is no Turning Backwards” (Michel Chossudovsky)


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6 thoughts on “Doctor Strangelove Takes Care of Our Health. The Real Scenario is Nuclear War? “Senator, I am a Fan of Flexible First-use Policy” By Manlio Dinucci

  1. Of course, the whole thing is all arranged already, the NWO-supporting leaders are all behind one world government and an arranged mass slaughter that they see necessary to create the conditions to more-easily enable their one world government coming into being with minimum opposition.

    The US Jewish bankers created Bolshevik Russia with money stolen from Gentile fractional reserve-based mortgage victims, and the leaders of the current Jewish-dominated Russia that fanatically supports the Jews and Israel, along with the leaders of the Jewish-dominated America that also fanatically supports the Jews and Israel, will of course mutually decide upon an opportune time to begin the arranged mutual slaughter of each other’s hapless Gentile populations, whilst the treacherous so-called leaders who have arranged that needless slaughter will all be living safely underground sealed behind very thick metal doors.

  2. Thankyou for your reply. I was about to apologize that I could not read a translation from the Italian because one was not available, but I downloaded the article again, and this time the software became available. I have no knowledge of the Italian language.

    I see that the site is a Communist site, and I read the article through, but felt pain at the naivety of the writer, that they cast their innate good intentions into this hopeless Jewish psy-op pseudo-philosophy and submit themselves to coming under this name of Communism without knowing what they are actually becoming involved with, which is surely the very intention of Communism, which the Jews state they originated.

    Stalin, I must again reiterate, passed a law throughout Soviet Russia that any expression of ‘anti-semitism’ would be punished by the death penalty, the date and details of this legislation are contained on my site, in the immediate wake of millions of Christians being slaughtered by Jews, often tortured to death very slowly, for being a member of a religion that Jewish agents (the Piso family in Roman times) and other Jews originated, by the Jewish Bolshevik Communists, they have actually been successfully hypnotized and I am a little sorry for these people, they really cannot understand, that unless they are all Jewish, every single last one of them is intended to die.

    Marx stated that without the use of slavery, his economic system could not work, Communism is slavery, Communism is Judaism enforced over all other peoples and races, Rabbi Steven Wise stated that Marxism is Judaism.

    The Jewish religion states explicitly in the Zohar that all Gentiles in the world are to be made slaves, killed, and that at the end of the world they are then all to be sent to hell. Read; ‘Why Is The US Honoring A Racist Rabbi?’ by Alison Weir, Counterpunch.

    These words, though I repeat them many times on the internet, seem to some like white noise and are immediately discounted and ignored, due to massive and endlessly repeated subconscious mental programming through the Jewish-controlled media that is so powerful, that if someone says, ‘this man has a gun and he is going to kill you’, you will say these words are part of some absurd play, and have no bearing on reality, and can be completely ignored;

    Karl Marx, a Jew, published these words, “The chief mission of all other races and peoples, great and small, is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust”. Likely, these words look to Gentile Communist dupes like coloured confetti or something in a Kaleidoscope, or like the white noise on the television screen at night when the transmission stops.

    All Gentiles are intended in the Jewish scriptures, in the Jewish religion, in the minds of the Jewish people, to be killed by the Jews, ask them about this and they will deny it. Judaism is stated to be essential to the Communist revolution, that is their religion, that is the essence of Communism; these Gentile Communist people are like 3 or 4 year old children intellectually to me, and I feel very sorry for them, until they start saying they are willing to kill National Socialists, saying the Jewish mantra that they are ‘freeing people’ from ‘fascism’, then I cannot emphasise with them, due to their willful ignorance and insane hatred and violence. Hitler actually won many former Communists over to National Socialism when they came to understand the total nightmare in Russia compared to what National Socialism was accomplishing in Germany.

    • I’m not a communist but I am a socialist anarchist. A theory not yet tested but all others failed. Give one or a few power and things go straight to hell. Power corrupts.

      • Thankyou Carinaragno, Well, I never heard of one of those before, ha ha, but you are OK, I am glad you are not a commie.

        You have a healthy suspicion of things turning out bad under bad people, and you oppose that, and that is a good thing.

        Unfortunately, this is a criminal penal colony world in which some at least will always assert the right to dominate all others in a criminal manner for criminal purposes, and if anyone is going to merely acquiesce and wait in line hoping for things to get ‘naturally’ spiritual here, those who lust for power for powers’s sake will simply destroy those who lack the power to self-assert and speak out for others.

        You choose to stand up and speak out against injustice, I can see that you do, and that is a lot different to merely viewing that all forms of government are oppressive and undesirable and that they should be abolished, as you are standing up to express a quality of benevolent influence and leadership, and not merely allowing anything at all to go on.

        People who incarnate here are either often insane beforehand or go more insane in this world, that is why many of them have been incarnated here, fully good people only exist in the refined transcendental spiritual liberated world several levels above this one, one cannot realistically assume that supposedly innate spiritual qualities of perfection will self manifest in this prison planet world, look how all creatures here are given to kill another to survive, even vegetarians, that is a message from God in itself about how truly cannibalistic all souls are when not remaining in God’s light and being spiritually nourished by Him, worms chew all creatures up here while they are still alive, this is not a paradise planet, it has an element of punishment in it, and an element of prompting in it to cause us to reject it and seek a higher dimension in His direct personal association.

        Natural transcendental intelligence and the eternally perfect spiritual personality of all individuals is only activated in the light of the principal association of a manifestation of the Communal Higher Self, God or whoever people choose to refer to that being as, I suppose that great being is equally distributed like a sequence of suns throughout the infinite spiritual cosmos in a polka dot fashion throughout the infinite cosmos, and a sequence of many material creations likewise throughout infinity beneath that.

        But I can see that you are much more powerful that that, and in a nice way, you choose to stand up for the rights of people who are being destroyed by the simple whim of mentally ill psychopaths. I don’t care what you call yourself, you have the right spirit and you are doing OK.

        Not a lot of people can appreciate this, but the National Socialist Party program book which I possess states that when German society is back on its feet and self-functioning under it’s own innate common sense and impetus, the National Socialist Party will have no further function, it will have accomplished its purpose, and be dissolved, to leave the intended thousand year Reich self-functioning under the common sense of the German people, and even in Africa, black people were starting to embrace National Socialism, as you will have seen from one of my very recent posts, as different races were doing in various parts of the world, free from the genocidally murderous Jewish Communists. You can surely see that movements sympathetic to Communism are duped movements that are merely suicidal.

      • I agree with you. Malatesta is my mentor. Before we can change the world we have to change ourselves. Enlightenment takes time and it’s difficult to lead people to self enlightenment under this criminal cabal who want us to hate each other. Petty tyrants divide and conquer.

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