Links March 2020

Mato's Blog

Still trying to figure out, if the new coronavirus pandemic is the defining event to redirect or end our foolish ways and to show humans that they are not the masters of the universe, to show humans that they depend on nature and are not allowed to overstep natural boundaries.

Will this be the event which ends globalization (including global trade, the global financial system, global mega-corporations, and the petrodollar), exploitation of third world countries (neocolonialism), tourism, industrial agriculture, and industrial food production?

Or will it just be the first of many pandemics to strike in the near future?

Anyway, climate change, the collapse of vital eco-systems, mass extinction, ever increasing pollution, increasing chronic ailments, and antibiotics resistance alone will force us to shed many destructive and wasteful habits. Not to forget locust swarms, fungal infections, armyworms, and other pests causing famine.

If all this is not enough to bring…

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