U.S. military budget seen from Italy: More arms than ever by Manlio Dinucci

Published Feb. 18 in Il Manifesto in Dinucci’s “Art of War” column, which examines Trump’s proposed military budget. Translation by John Catalinotto.

The “Budget for the Future of America,” which the U.S. government submitted, shows what the Trump administration’s priorities are in the federal budget for fiscal year 2021 (which begins Oct. 1).

First of all, it reduces social spending: For example, it cuts the required budget for the Department of Health and Human Services by 10 percent. Meanwhile, health authorities themselves report that influenza alone has caused about 10,000 deaths in the USA from October to February, out of a population of 330 million.

This news is kept quiet by the big media, which instead are raising a global alarm over the 1,770 deaths due to the coronavirus in China, a country with 1.4 billion inhabitants. One must suspect the real purpose of the relentless media campaign, which sows terror on everything Chinese. To justify the U.S. Budget, its framers insist that the U.S. “faces challenges from resurgent rival nation states, including Russia and China.”

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