Blowback From The Soleimani Assassination Increases As Iraq Reveals How Trump Tried To Steal Its Oil

The blowback from Trump’s assassination of Major General Qassem Soleimani and PMU leader Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis is increasing.  A scandal is developing as one consequence of Trump’s evil deed after Iraq’s Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi revealed the gangster methods U.S. President Trump used in his attempts to steal Iraq’s oil. Below we follow today’s development.

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12 thoughts on “Blowback From The Soleimani Assassination Increases As Iraq Reveals How Trump Tried To Steal Its Oil

  1. The chump of ‘israel’, the tool of zioni$t jew$, the scum of jew York, spews. Low life sycophant, empty suit criminal bastard! Bringing deMockery and utter destruction to our world for his ‘israeli’ payma$ter$ like th3 whore he is. Son of a tweeting, gutless bitch!!!!

  2. An interesting video, and very revealing, in that it demonstrates the perpetration of a very fundamental deception, as Trump is denying what is and has always been going on for around 30 years now already since the first US invasion of Iraq by the US, that a damaged oil pipeline in Iraq between Mosul and Kirkuk was repaired and extended all the way to Israel, so that Israel alone could have unlimited amounts of stolen war booty oil from Iraq in perpetuity, and not one of the slave armies of controlled nations working only for Israel could even get one drop of that oil, showing very clearly who really ordered the invasion of Iraq, and what the ultimate power structure in this world today is,not that anyone at all should be committing mass murder of Iraqis and stealing their oil like that, with the ability to carry on perpetrating that crime being guaranteed by the presence of US forces and US-controlled forces whose presence is illegally maintained in Iraq.

    And the confirmed Jew Trump, says with typical malicious chutzpah and sneeringly overbearing blatant dishonesty that the Iraqis should pay for their ‘liberation’, when Iraq has been poisoned forever with DU, with American military forces literally forcing Iraqi farmers at gunpoint to abandon using their traditional healthy seedstock and now only use toxic Monsanto-type GM seedstock to grow several of their staple crops plants, meaning that just as animals eating that poison filth start to suffer birth defects and many serious illnesses like organ failure, whilst producing many still-births, so the Iraqi people will now also suffer this too, actually compounding the extremely serious damage done to the Iraqi genome already by the DU which was very deliberately heavily salted into the soil according to reports by John Pilger, the effects of which are compounding and will continue to do so for many millions of years, generation after generation, until the genome of the Iraqi people there can exist no longer, though they will not actually be able to survive there for many generations in any case, so harmful are the effects of DU in rapidly damaging the genome of all forms of life.

    Trump is imitating Golda Meir who stated that there are no Palestinians, that there is no Palestine, when he states that there are no Iraqis, that that there is no Iraq. Like her, Trump is blindly insane and sadistic, dismissively not even accepting the existence of sovereign non-Jewish territory of Iraq or the actual existence of any Iraqi people, that his forces are simply engineering the genocide of, just as the Israelis engineer the genocide of the Palestinians, whose existence the Israelis do not recognize either. Deuteronomy 20:16, lethal Jewish business as usual.

      • I have been looking at various reports, and it was most likely just a drill, but a drill that can quickly be misrepresented, with even fake reports of attacks happening, as in the fake attack in the Gulf of Tonkin that was used to falsely justify US military action against North Vietnam. The Americans do that a lot.

        I think Iranian commanders will know that if they really do something like that, the Americans will use that to launch an overwhelmingly massive series of attacks that would take out many valuable Iranian military facilities and much of the Iranian infrastructure, so the Iranians would rather be most likely to launch decisive attacks in the first instance, if they really were to, against American ships in the area, and against Israel, the true instigator of all this, as they have stated they will do in the event of Iran being attacked.

        It would be foolish of Iran to launch such petty attacks with just a few small rockets that do no harm, and then incur such a guaranteed massive US response, so I do not think Iran has really launched any attacks, of course, the US can always have some controlled terrorist forces launch a few rockets at them that have no effect and then claim the Iranians did that, to then totally justify in the minds of the American people massive attacks on Iran in ‘retaliation’.

      • The limited translation software makes it extremely difficult to actually see what has happened from the report link, though it might be saying that what you are saying has happened, but the English translation is almost non-existent unfortunately, perhaps the translation into Italian was somewhat clearer. We will soon see in the near future more clearly.

      • I love Iran, that’s no joke. They’re not daft. They just won’t bow to U.S.Regime. I have no doubt they will not be the losers in this .

      • I like Iran too, and do not want them to be the losers in this either, but Iran is the final nation scheduled to be taken in their plans out of 7 nations, and whilst it might just be true that the Iranians have taken the offer by other American officials to act merely in ‘proportion’ to the attack on Soleimani, whether or not that works well for the Iranians depends entirely on whether or not those other American officials can actually take power away from Trump and stop him from authorising the major strikes on Iran in response that Trump stated he would authorize if the Iranians responded at all militarily.

        Whilst Trump is a well-known big mouth and and liar, who often backs down and fails to deliver on his promises, it would still take 30 days or so for such authorisation to limit the powers of Trump to come into effect, and in this time, Trump can still do anything, whilst Iran is now exposed, he may well act like the unpredictable mad dog that the Israelis say they will act like, and still attack Iran in a very major way anyway, just when the Iranians think they have a soft deal to save political face.That is how the Americans might actually arrange things too, they are very deceptive, to throw Iran off guard.

        The Americans are very dirty players, there is no dealing with them, they are just like Israel in everything they do and are utterly ruthless. I still think that TPTB that really control America will still go through with all this and do something incredibly nasty to Iran, all that matters to the Jews in power in America and Israel is complete and utter victory for Israel and complete world domination by Jews at any cost at all, without any limit, it is just a matter of time, not if.

        I just read 125 American soldiers died, I am wondering, if this was an Iraqi base, why are Iraqi soldiers not named as among the dead? And who did the counting? Did any American soldiers really die at all?

      • I agree with you on this was final warning/message. Hopefully this is the end of it but the usual rhetoric. USA failed in Iraq and Syria so they can’t move onto Iran as they had planned.

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