The Outcome of Joe Biden’s Visit to Ukraine ~ Dmitry MININ

Piazza della Carina

Joe Biden, who traditionally plays the role of ‘bad cop’ to Obama’s ‘good cop’, more or less justified Kiev’s expectations in just one respect – the strident rhetoric directed at Russia which, it has to be said, was characteristic of him even during the infamous ‘reset’ period. Here however, despite the hopes of Oleksandr Turchynov, Arseniy Yatsenyuk and others, who have narrowed all of Ukraine’s problems down to searching for ‘disloyal Russians’, Biden has linked increased sanctions and the isolation of Russia not so much to the current situation in Ukraine as the «further provocative behaviour» of Moscow.

Washington’s reluctance to carry on further and seriously invest in the insatiable ‘Maidanists’ is evidenced by the absolutely miserly amount of real help that Biden took with him. He promised Kiev $50 million to implement political and economic reforms, fight corruption and hold presidential elections, or 1 percent of what Americans…

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