Dear Salafist Wahhabist Apologists

Islam Times – Your head chopper heros are apparently not what Syrians have in mind when they think of democratic revolution.

Source: Islam Times – Dear Salafist Wahhabist Apologists

One thought on “Dear Salafist Wahhabist Apologists

  1. Most of ISIS come from Saudi Arabia and surrounding lands, being originally derived from diaspora Jews, that is why they, as Kharijite takfiris, are actually killing all real Muslims, the Sunnis and Shias, Christians, and Yazidis, these being some of the peoples that the Jewish Noahide Laws authorize to be slaughtered.

    That is why ISIS blow themselves up for Israel and Jewish Tribal aims, why they are armed by Israel and by other subjugated nations serving Israel, and why ISIS wounded are rescued from the battlefield by Israeli commandos and taken to Israeli hospitals for treatment of their wounds, before being returned to battle, they are actually diaspora Jews.

    So the Jews are just doing a cunning bit of slaughtering via their black-ops proxies, ISIS, whose soldiers are often found being led by Jewish Mossad officers and other special forces personnel from the US etc. on psy-ops missions committing the most horrific war crimes, even without those Noahide laws actually being on the official statutes of any nation so far except the US, even though they are not as yet officially being physically effected by the US yet, but they certainly are being physically effected nonetheless by the US in the lands that the Jewish-controlled US forces are invading and destroying, though even that is just a little softening up, a prelude to the total annihilation that is sure to follow if Jewish world government successfully comes into being.

    The pretend fighting between Russia and the US is just a front, even the occasional problems with Israel too, as both Trump and Putin surround themselves with very powerful Chabad Lubavitcher Jews, who intend to impose NWO Noahide Laws in every land in the world under Jewish world dictatorship, and then physically slaughter ALL Christians, Muslims, and of course, all Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus etc. too, around 6 BILLION people, and then enslave the few survivors, before the survivors too are ultimately killed, as the Zohar states clearly that God in His wrath will kill ALL Gentiles in the world, and the rabbis explain that the Jews themselves ARE God, not that God is merely in the Jews, or that the Jews are merely IN God, no, the Jews assure themselves in their madness that they ARE God, and so they won’t be waiting for any orders from ‘above’, they are in fact already authorizing themselves to do that killing, just like they authorized themelves to create Israel.

    The supposed ‘cold war’ has always been a mere front to assure the world that more and more nuclear weapons are necessary to protect one ‘side’ from the other ‘side’.

    The American Jewish bankers created Communist Russia, and even though Russia is no longer Communist, or even the same geographic entity as the former USSR, but now Capitalist and even Christian, the mutual pretence of hostility between nations is business as usual, being an essential prerequisite for the maintaining of mutually hostile public opinion and massive military spending, and when war comes, and it will, the main people suffering will be the Gentile peoples of all the world, and not the Jews. Not a single nuke will ever land on Israel, absolutely guaranteed, but the Jews, especially Israeli Jews, will be the ones who instigate that world war without any doubt at all.

    Most people do not know this, but the UN itself now also officially states that it intends for all nations in the world to be placed under Noahide Law.

    See; ‘United Nations signs “Declaration of the Seven Laws of Noah”‘

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