What you did in Iraq & Libya is the real barbarism ~ [Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Maria Zakharova, rebukes U.S. envoy to U.N Samantha Power]

Libyan Free Press

Speaking to the press from Moscow, on Monday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova slammed the recent comment of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power, who accused Russia of ‘barbaric’ actions in Syria. 
Transcript from Russian, Maria Zakharova, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson : “Regarding the statement about barbaric actions by Russia in Syria, you need to understand that American officials do not understand the meaning of the words that they use, if you are speaking from a historical context. If we assume that they are doing it for such figurative effect, some symbolism, then they certainly use those words. It is hard to imagine anything more barbaric than the US policy towards Iraq or the position and policy of some illegal coalitions within Libya. In the region it is difficult to do this. This is why everything we see is a show but apparently they are not able…

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One thought on “What you did in Iraq & Libya is the real barbarism ~ [Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Maria Zakharova, rebukes U.S. envoy to U.N Samantha Power]

  1. Yes indeed, it is simply staggering how the US can completely ignore their own entirely unjustified and illegal mass-murdering genocidal attacks on Iraq and Libya, that have completely ruined the infrastructures of those countries, destroyed the cultures that they had, and left them smoldering ruins stricken with constant bloodletting.

    Iraq has been left a nuclear wasteland, with even the desert and mountain areas in Iraq purposely and vindictively covered with DU dust by grid-bombing and carpet-bombing by coalition jet bombers of practically every square metre of Iraq with DU munitions, according to Australian journalist John Pilger, the intention being to permanently prevent the continuation of life there in the long run, as DU is a recognized WMD, that in the fullness of time, will completely destroy the integrity of the genome of any form of life, and that will eventually render Iraq a barren wasteland, a mere desert area, that will never allow life, at least healthy or advanced life, to exist there ever again, for hundreds of millions of years.

    That DU is such a weapon and has this capacity was scientifically acknowledged many decades ago according to Leuren Moyet. I have spoken to highly educated Iraqi refugees planning to return to Iraq to provide medical aid there, who have told me that nearly every baby born in Iraq now has something wrong with them because of the DU, with many of them terribly deformed, or simply born dead. The problem is vastly worse than is being revealed through Western media. The intent of the criminal Israel-controlled coalition armed forces is literally to physically exterminate the entire people of Iraq and every other form of life in that land.

    This is the Jewish MO;

    King James 2000 Bible, Deuteronomy 20:16

    “But of the cities of these people, which the LORD your God does give you for an inheritance, you shall save alive nothing that breathes:”

    The US continues to murder millions in other countries, only to then completely ignore their own criminal actions, and insanely and dishonestly accuse others of being criminals; the actions of the Israeli-dominated US are the actions of a psychopathic bully, and those of a mindless golem at the lower level of command.

    You would think that after it was acknowledged that Iraq never had anything to do with the 9/11 attacks on New York, and that Iraq never really had any weapons of mass destruction, that there might have been some international law court to convict the US and other coalition countries of massive war crimes against Iraq, but no, America simply goes on to do exactly the same in other countries as part of a pre-existing plan, all the while, making false accusations against one country after another, using their planted ISIS mercenary forces to justify military action as they expand their program. The US Jewish-controlled administration are completely insane, psychotic mass-murderers, who really ought to be put down like the mad dogs that they are.

    Law cannot stop them, nor has it even tried, and the insane Biblical savagery continues unabated.

    Not even the US voters can understand and stop this, it seems, and even if they acknowledge voting fraud, they still cannot bring themselves to remove their criminally empowered governments it seem, so they are all complicit in these genocidal mass murders in other countries by complacency, callousness, cowardice and neglect.

    As long as the bread and circuses provided by the US/Israeli government in America keep their bellies full and minds numb, most in the US could not care less whilst innocents elsewhere are burned alive and blown to pieces. The only language that can be understood it seems is suffering, enough suffering to bring people to actually revolt, and the American people itself is not suffering in the slightest, but rather, it seems has a never-ending supply of money and resources for soldiers to go off on yet more mass-murdering sprees.

    Lethal physical violence against these murderers is the only thing that will ever stop them, not diplomacy, ‘politics’ or perhaps, even voting. The weak go blah blah and baa baa, and that is exactly what these Israeli-dominated psychopaths really rely on, weak people who can only do so much as go blah blah, baa baa, and seeing their effective weakness, cowardice and powerlessness, these evil politicians working only for Israeli interests will simply carry right on physically annihilating peoples in other countries for the Jews with advanced weaponry, in anticipation of world government based in Jerusalem, and the world being placed under lethal Noahide Laws, which will mean a Stalinist purge unlike any seen before, with all Christians and those of many other religions simply being put to death under the provisions of the Noahide Laws, already on statute in the US since 1991, just waiting to be fully effected at a time when general chaos and the suspension of the American Constitution will make this possible.


    Within the US, if a criminal has a gun and is simply killing innocents in the street, a SWAT team of highly-trained armed police take out the criminal with lethal force. On the world stage, such a SWAT team of heavily armed soldiers acting as police needs to take out this madman called the US administration and at least the officer class of their military.

    If the rank and file US soldiers themselves cannot see fit to take out their own corrupt and traitorous officers and do this themselves, then they should all be taken out themselves, to stop them murdering millions, because if the American armed forces continue as they are doing, that will surely, without the slightest doubt, lead to nuclear war in the not too distant future between themselves and Russia and China, resulting in the deaths of scores, or even hundreds of millions in the US.

    The American sheeple will not be watching any conflict with Russia and China on their television sets, it will be coming right through their living room walls, at several thousand degrees centigrade, and they will be gone, vapourized in an instant, as the current day nuclear weapons can vapourize a ten square mile area, containing ten million people, even the concrete skyscrapers within that area, turning everyone and everything to dust, in less than 1,000th of a second.

    I guess that the Americans would rather have that than simply shoot their own traitorous politicians and leading military officers. Real soldiers with intelligence, insight and courage would kill those criminal scum to prevent themselves being repeatedly sent into needless Israel-driven conflicts to murder countless innocents.

    Where are the real soldiers today, the soldiers who know what it is that they are supposed to be prepared to fight for?

    They must mutiny and assassinate their current leaders to prevent further escalation of that utter insanity. It is either that, or nuclear war, and then all will die anyway. Which is the better choice?

    Chinese nuclear-armed submarines can surface right off the American coast right in the midst of American warships on exercise without even being detected, and Russian nuclear weapons are completely unstoppable, and what is more, the American ‘government’ has not made the slightest attempt to provide nuclear bomb shelters for the American people, whereas Russia has provided nuclear shelters for many millions of its own people. This is whilst America actually hounds Russia, looking for serious military conflict, surely with the very intention of inviting mass destruction on the unprotected American people, who are in real truth actually being totally set up by these Israel-dominated murdering psychopaths to be annihilated in any such conflict.

    The electoral process is a total fraud in the US, so the only means of expression must now sadly be with weapons to physically remove the criminals in power, that is the only language that is actually effective. Or maybe Trump will get in despite the corrupt Diebold software, that can count one vote at a tiny fraction of it’s real value, and another over twenty times it’s real value. There must be civil war in the US if Hillary Clinton is fraudulently voted in, to prevent nuclear war with Russia.

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