Ankara Explosions Masterminded by Turkish Intelligence


TEHRAN (FNA) A senior political analyst underlined that the recent explosions in the Turkish capital were masterminded and carried out by Turkey’s spy agency.

“Erdogan is the only one who benefits from the recent explosions in Ankara; the Kurdish groups and organization not only do not benefit from such explosion as they are fully aware that political solution is the only way to achieve their rights,” Syrian political analyst Michel Kalaqasi wrote in the Arabic-language al-Manar newspaper.

Kalaqasi’s remarks came while the Turkish authorities blamed Kurdish organizations for Wednesday’s blast in Ankara that killed 28 and left 61 people wounded.

He reiterated that the Turkish intelligence agency has orchestrated the recent terrorist attacks in Ankara.

In relevant remarks on Friday, Chairman of the International Union of Kurdish Public Associations Merab Shamoyev underlined that the Syrian Kurds have nothing to gain from carrying out terrorist attacks on civilians in Turkey.

“Syrian Kurds immediately denied these allegations. Why would Syrian Kurds do this? The Kurds currently have a good reputation,” Shamoyev said during a press conference in Moscow.

The politician added that the terror attack could have been a provocation carried out by Turkey’s Justice and Development Party to justify Ankara’s shelling of Syrian Kurds and to start a ground operation in Syria.

According to Shamoyev, Kurds do not want to secede from Turkey and only desire autonomy.

In recent weeks, Turkish forces have repeatedly attacked Kurdish People’s Defense Units’ positions in northern Syria, claiming the Kurdish militia threatens Turkish security.

The Kurds are a Middle Eastern ethnic group with a population of some 30-35 million, living mainly in Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. They do not have their own state, however, the Kurds have made several attempts to gain independence and have already obtained autonomy within the framework of the Iraqi state.


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