The Eight Stages of a Humanitarian Intervention

Raghead The Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

Stage One:

“How dreadful! That horrible dictator is oppressing his people. If we don’t stop him nobody will. Anyone who claims otherwise is a supporter of oppression and dictatorship!”

Stage Two:

“All right, now that we’ve taken over the country, perhaps there is actually no evidence that the evil dictator was oppressing anyone. But so what? He was still an evil dictator. We must stay here to bring Freedom and Democracy to this country. Free elections and free enterprise will make them Just Like Us!”

Stage Three:

“All right, perhaps the elections and privatisation didn’t go exactly as planned. But evil terrorists are trying to destroy our honest and sincere efforts to help these people. We must keep our troops there to fight them, otherwise the supporters of the evil old dictator will be back!”

Stage Four:

“All right, so the country has disintegrated into sectarian…

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