misplaced sorrow and indignation: using the “refugee crisis”; ignoring facts on the Syrian ground

In Gaza

Lately, the photo of baby Aylan has been all over social media, with well-intentioned people sharing the tragedy of he, his family and countless other Syrians’ (who were fleeing the violence of NATO’s death squads) drowned bodies washed ashore.  A photo of an innocent dead child always has great impact, particularly when splashed on front pages and over social media. But the photo is without context, particularly the context of the NATO/Saudi/Zionist war on Syria. The highlighting of this particular photo, and the absence of photos of the thousands of dead Syrian children martyred by the same NATO and co mercenaries within Syria is not accidental. With the tragic photo come calls for “saving Syria”… and the Imperialist war agenda’s ridiculous answer that the way to do so is by imposing a “no fly zone” on Syria. This is addressed in commentaries below.

But lets return to the issues of…

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