#No2USRegime ~ Iran and Russia: Clear Conscience Never Fears Midnight Knocking

Iran and Russia: Clear Conscience Never Fears Midnight Knocking


TEHRAN (FNA)- There is a reason why Iran and Russia are helping Syria in its counter-terrorism effort: They are more concerned about what their conscience whispers than about what the United States and its NATO-Arab allies shout.

Allowing a sovereign nation to fall apart is wrong. Lining up behind a blockade of assistance to the Syrian government – even if that would mean an ISIL/al-Qaeda victory – is wrong. It will have immeasurable consequences.

President Obama is dead wrong to assume that the strategy of backing the Syrian government against ISIL is “doomed to failure.” Tehran and Moscow are not doing this without filtering through the conscience. It is so clear that it is impossible to mistake it.

President Obama is free to reject Russia’s calls for increased military cooperation against ISIL, insisting America’s tactics in the war would not change. Iran and Russia will continue to provide military aid to Syria during their mutual war against US-backed proxies and affiliates. Calling for everyone to unite against ISIL does sit with international law. It is being averse to this idea and demanding “unconditional regime change in Damascus” that is immoral and unlawful.

Absent from Washington’s tragic misperception and calculation is this: By helping the Syrian government, Iran and Russia are also saving Europe from its worst refugee nightmare since the Second World War. What’s more, many European governments are now publicly warming to the idea. That explains why the conscientious campaign to save Syria will not fail. This is about cooperation, kindness, and humanity towards one another, and not one act of violence or competition. Humanity can’t fail.

Iran and Russia are making better decisions because they are predisposed to peace, with no cynical and self-serving reasons. Their default position is that of conscientious objector to war, violence and extremism. And in the case of Syria, they have already decided. Beyond words, there has been action.

Under international law, Official Washington and allies have no right to block any military supply pipeline to Syria’s government. Their inexplicable behavior risks collapsing the government and creating a vacuum filled by the bloodthirsty groups of ISIL and al-Qaeda.

Equally, their air war on population centers risks opening the floodgates, sending millions of desperate people pouring out of Syria and creating a political as well as humanitarian crisis in Europe and beyond. The human and financial costs of this nightmare scenario are beyond comprehension.

In the fantasyland that is Official Washington’s perception of the region, the warmongers have learned nothing from their past support for “regime change” strategies. Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan have all descended into anarchy with terrorists now controlling large swaths of territory and engaging in widespread atrocities. The real-life experience is that the collapse of the Syrian government will likewise make matters worse, with even more extreme forces filling the void…

Conscience is the inner voice. It never fears midnight knocking. Admittedly, this is not where President Obama and his cohorts sleep. They have sacrificed their conscience to blind ambition, burning a picture to obtain the ashes.


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