Sergei Lavrov: “Russia to prevent Libya scenario in Syria”

the real Syrian Free Press


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says Moscow will continue helping Damascus in order to avoid a repetition of the Libyan scenario in Syria. 

In a Thursday briefing with reporters in Moscow, Lavrov said that Russia’s military assistance to the Syrian government is meant to avoid a regime change in Syria like what the western powers orchestrated in Libya.

“We helped and we continue to help the Syrian government equip the Syrian army with everything it needs to prevent [a repetition of] the Libyan scenario and other regretful events that happened in that region because some of our Western partners were possessed with the idea of removing undesirable regimes,” Lavrov said.

Al-Moallem-Lavrov-5-stars-587x549Al-Moallem and Lavrov (ARCHIVE PICTURE)

He denied speculations that Russia is engaged in a military buildup in Syria as suggested by the United States and the NATO. Lavrov said, however, that Russia will continue to send military equipment to the…

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