Anti-war protest in Abu Dhabi calls for withdrawal of United Arab Emirates troops from Yemen

the real Syrian Free Press


(FNA) ~ A large number of Emirati people held rallies across the UAE on Tuesday to shout protest against the country’s military operation in Yemen, urging Abu Dhabi to bring the military forces back home after they sustained tens of casualties in a Friday attack in Maarib.

The Emirati protesters called on the UAE government to bring back home the troops before it becomes too late.

The UAE protests, which faced severe censorship in Abu Dhabi and western media outlets, condemned the UAE’s aggression against the Yemeni civilians, mostly children and women.

They called on Abu Dhabi to take immediate action to pave the way for the return of the UAE soldiers after the country’s army lost more than 65 soldiers in the Yemeni forces’ attack on Al-Safer military base in Maarib.

On Monday, security sources revealed that the Yemeni forces had killed a sum of 300 foreign troops in…

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