U.S. Occupies a Yemeni Island*

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U.S. Occupies a Yemeni Island*

By Stephen Lendman

Fars News said “(t)he US has invaded and occupied Yemen’s strategic Island of Socotra (part of the Yemeni archipelago) in the Indian Ocean and is now building up its biggest naval base there, media reports said.” More on this below.

Obama’s war on Yemen using Saudi-led regional proxies is perhaps the region’s most destructive, underreported conflict – five months of genocidal war passing under the radar almost unnoticed.

U.S. major media report little about it. Other Western counterparts give it short shrift.

Most Americans likely never heard of Yemen – for sure know nothing about raging conflict, planned and orchestrated by Washington – to return the nation to U.S. client state status, putting millions of Yemenis in harm’s way, suffering because of a combination of U.S./Saudi aggression and blockade, creating a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions.

Casualties number in the many thousands…

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