Qalb Lozeh, a Druze village, a NATO-backed massacre

In Gaza


Words of a Syrian friend from Kafarya:

“About three months ago in Qalb Lozeh, a Druze village, al-Nusra massacred about 30 residents.

The village was first under control of the “FSA”, then ISIS, then ISIS told them them must convert to Islam, cut your mustaches… then, al-Nusra came and ordered the same thing, to convert to Islam, you are Druze, not Muslims…you must destroy your shrines…

Recently, there was a small problem between a young Druze and a leader of Nusra, a Tunisian, named “as-Safina” (the boat). Nusra wanted to take the Druze man’s house… so they killed the owner of the house. The people of the village tried to expel him. Al-Nusra killed them all.”

Press TV put the number massacred even higher:

“Local sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the extremists recently killed 40 people, among them the elderly, just outside their homes and in front of…

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