A Tale Of Two Non-Presidents ~ Bill the Butcher

A tale of two non-presidents…


I try, as I have said, to avoid expressing an opinion on other nations’ internal affairs. To a large extent, it’s because said internal affairs are as much not my business as our internal affairs are not their business, or should not be.

But things are a bit different when it comes to the Imperialist States of Amerikastan, simply because it is the Imperialist States and believes that it has a divine right to rule the world. In other words, since the ISA makes our business its business, its business becomes our business.

Now let’s just take a look at its business, since who rules it, at least according to its official theology, rules the world.

First, I will discuss the Man Who Will Never Be President, the Great Liberal Hope, Bernie Sanders.

No, Mr Sanders is not going to become President of the Imperialist States. He is not going to become President of the Imperialist States because, for one thing, he is merely a gatekeeper for Killary Klingon. When the challenges to the Klingon are safely seen off he will stand down and, of course, endorse her. He will do this even if he leads her in the preliminaries because the argument already goes that he can’t get the general vote behind him, so if he wins the nomination, someone like Donald Trump (a Democratic Party mole whose only mission is to sabotage the Republican Party, as it happens) will win the final election. In fact leading the Klingon in the preliminaries is good from their point of view; it helps in the plan to stifle all other challengers. Who’s going to challenge Killary when Sanders is the obvious man to back? And when he steps aside, who will dare vote against Killary since that means the bogeyman Trump – or whoever – will win?

You know, I’ve been watching elections for thirty years, ever since I was fourteen, and I’ve never seen an election that was, already, as blatantly maniuplated as this one.

But let’s pretend for the sake of argument that Mr Wunderkind is not a dummy candidate and gatekeeper. Let’s pretend he’s a serious candidate and that he wins. What then?

I’ll predict something right now: Bernie has it in him to be a greater war criminal than Obama and Bush put together. The support he’ll get from his dupes…er, voters…will be even more frantic than the worship Obama’s acolytes give him. The desperation with which they’ll support him will be fuelled by their inability to admit that they’ve been fooled yet again by a “liberal leftist” who in reality is a warmongering imperialist mass murderer just like his predecessors. They’ll hyperventilate while accusing all dissidents of being Jew-hating right-wingers, just as the incumbent’s worshippers call all his opponents “racists”; and their “intelligentsia” will mock those from the left who oppose him for being “unrealistic” and “expecting too much”. And as for Germany and the other European countries, they’ll turn even more somersaults at his bidding than they do already, for fear of being called “anti-Semitic” and having the word “Holocaust” dredged up once again.

And anyone who knows that Bernie voted to send arms and money to Zionistan while the Zionazis were bombing Gaza, and to sanction Russia when Banderastani Ukranazis were shelling Donetsk, knows that he’s got a history of backing Nazism. Some socialist he is.

Let me remind those who wish to vote for Sanders that this is what they will be voting for:


And this:


So it’s probably for the best that he’s got no intention of winning at all.

The other person I will talk about is the Man Who Was A President, Jimmy Carter.

Mr Carter has, it seems has liver cancer. I hope he recovers. Despite what I am about to write, I am not wishing him a painful death from a neoplasm. No.

But, let me remind all the Jimmy Carter fans that this was the man who signed the order, on 3rd July 1979, to start arming, training, and funding jihadi terrorist headhunters against the government of Afghanistan, in the full knowledge that this would trigger a Soviet intervention. When the Soviets did intervene, on 24th December, this was the same man who started grandstanding about a “Soviet invasion”, boycotted the Moscow Olympics, and threw the door open to the continuing Amerikastani programme of cooperation with Islamic jihadis.

Apparently, Carter is now determined to spend the rest of his life “fighting for women’s rights”. I’m certain the Afghan women who were in miniskirts and studying in universities for careers in 1979, and who – if they’re still alive – are in shuttlecock burqas now, struggling for a living, their sons and husbands dead or maimed or missing, will appreciate knowing of his decision.


Then, this was the man with whose encouragement the then US stooge Saddam Hussein invaded Iran, setting off what Iranians to this day call the Imposed War, in which thousands of Iranian Baseej child child volunteers made human wave attacks on Iraqi positions and were hit by US-supplied poison gas.


This is also the war which directly led to the destruction of the Iraqi economy, provoked Saddam Hussein’s occupation of Iraq’s historical province Kuwait, led to Amerikastan’s twenty years of war against that country, its virtually total destruction, and the current fragmentation and civil war.

[Source: AFP, obviously]

Just because Carter is less evil than his successors does not absolve his crimes in office. He could at least make a beginning by admitting those crimes.

Do you think he will?

[ More Here at Bill the Butcher’s Blogspot ]


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