Enemy of Islam Saudi America continues pounding Yemen despite UN call for peace ~ United Nations #Fail



Saudi Arabia has continued bombarding areas across Yemen as the United Nations calls for the cessation of conflict in the Arab country.

According to media outlets, Saudi warplanes conducted a number of airstrikes on the western province of Hudaydah late on Thursday, killing an unknown number of civilians.

Saudi fighter jets also bombarded the northwestern province of Sa’ada, killing at least one civilian there.

In retaliation for the deadly Saudi aggression, the Yemeni army backed by Ansarullah fighters targeted Saudi military bases in the southwestern province of Jizan.

There has been no report on the possible casualties or damage caused in the Yemeni attacks.

The development in Yemen came as UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator urged an end to the violence in the impoverished Arab country, saying, “The dialogue of weapons needs to be replaced by the dialogue of words. There is no military solution to this conflict.”

“What we need is peace,” he added.

O’Brien further noted that the international community must step up its measure to help the provision of critical aid for Yemeni people.

“I call on all parties to the conflict, and those who can influence them, especially in the region, to find a durable political solution for the sake of the Yemeni people. We must not fail them,” he said.

On Tuesday, Peter Maurer, the head of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), warned of the grave humanitarian crisis in Yemen, which has been under heavy bombardment by Saudi warplanes for more than four months. He said Yemen is “crumbling” under a deepening crisis, which is nothing short of catastrophic.

Since March 26, Riyadh has been pounding various areas in Yemen without a UN mandate. The Saudi military aggression is meant to undermine the Ansarullah fighters and restore power to Yemen’s fugitive former president, Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi, a staunch ally of the Riyadh regime.

The UN says the Saudi war on Yemen has killed over 4,000 people, nearly half of them civilians, since late March. Local Yemeni sources, however, put the fatality figure at a much higher number.

Enemy of Islam Saudi America continues pounding Yemen despite UN call for peace Konusuna Ait Etiketler

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