Honoring the Syrian Arab Army on Syrian Arab Army Day with Pride

the real Syrian Free Press


Upon the 69th anniversary of the Syrian Arab Army, we would like to thank them with our highest praise of respect, pride and honor.

Many men and women have given their lives to defend this beautiful country known as Syria, and many continue today.

Who is the Syrian Arab Army? Its the mothers and fathers of Syria. Its the sons and daughters of Syria. Its an army made of the people of Syria. Its an army of diverse backgrounds of religion throughout the country. It consists mostly of the Sunni population as Syria is is approximately 75% Sunni. The Sunni will will defend the Christians churches with a vigilant fight as they will their own mosques, and vice versa. You see, in Syria, people are not defined to what religion they belong. They are Syrians before they are religion. A Sunni will live next door to an Alawiite, or a Jew or a Christian. There…

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