EXCLUSIVE: Ansarullah Intercepts Saudi Arms Cargo to Al-Qeda Terrorists in Aden

2 August 2015


The Ansarullah revolutionary forces prevented delivery of a Saudi cargo of weapons, ammunition and explosives to Al-Qaeda terrorists in Aden on Sunday.

“The Ansarullah fighters backed by the Yemeni army prevented the Saudis from smuggling weapons and seven TNT capsules to the al-Qaeda militants in Aden,” Senior Ansarullah Leader Taher al-Saer told FNA on Sunday.

He, meantime, said that heavy clashes broke out between the Yemeni forces and pro-Hadi militants in the city.

“The Ansarullah fighters have made considerable advances in Aden in recent days and they have purged the terrorists from many residential areas, killing tens of Saudi stooges and injuring many others in heavy clashes,” Al-Saer added.

The Yemeni army and Ansarullah forces have intercepted several Saudi arms cargos and backups to the al-Qaeda so far.

In May, Ansarullah leaders announced the seizure of a large number of Saudi tanks and missiles sent to the Al-Qaeda and pro-Hadi forces in Yemen.

“Saudi Arabia has been sending weapons to the terrorists since months before starting the military aggression against Yemen,” Ali Mohsen al-Buraimi told FNA.

“With the help of the army and revolutionary committees, Ansarullah seized several trucks carrying weapons through the Saudi-Yemeni land border,” he added.

Buraimi said that the arms cargo included tens of missiles, tanks and even helicopters which were to be used by the terrorists and the militia supporting the fugitive president Mansour Hadi.

“Saudi Arabia is the source of terrorism and a supporter of terrorists in Yemen, but the Yemeni nation will stand against this aggression,” he added.

Also on in May, Ansarullah revolutionaries announced the seizure of a Saudi surveillance drone in the province of Sa’ada.

The Ansarullah revolutionaries captured the drone, which had parachute landed due to a technical fault, while patrolling the area in May.



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