Open Post Addressed to Snake Traitor ~ Khaled Meshaal ~ Hamas “Admin” a.k.a. Arab 4 Sale


You sir are a mole for the CIA, Mossad, and Jordanian Intelligence, not to mention Qatar and now Saudis. Pay offs abound eh ? You also lie about using Palestinians in foreign invasions backed by USA and Israel.

Mossad fake attempt to kill Meshaal was a deception operation designed to polish and prepare him for what he did the last two years, and will do on the coming future …

Khaled Meshaal attended conference of Nato’s Sultan ruling party. At the conference, Erdogan, Morsi and the ungrateful son of Hamas declared their shared intentions of stepping up pressure on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down and supporting the “Syrian uprising”s — a terrorist movement financed and trained Usrael and its its allies to weaken Syria.

Mishaal himself closed Hamas’ Damascus offices and moved to Qatar, that has strongly backed the islamist’s terrorist fighting to overthrow the Assad regime.


(In 1999, upon the Zionist master the plane carrying Khaled Mishaal, the ungrateful son of Hamas, was sent back from the skies of Doha and Ankara and Cairo all rejected him when he was kicked out and expelled from Jordan and no one dared to receive him except Damascus.)

The ungrateful “son” of Hamas would be the next Nato Mufti


Everyone is predicting a spate of horrific suicide bombings in Israel as Hamas and other Palestinian groups respond to the “targeted assassination” of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin (and killing of seven other people) by an Apache helicopter air strike a few days ago. According to MSNBC, Israel’s army chief has stated that Yassir Arafat and the Lebanese Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah will also be assassinated. I take it for granted that the assassins, proud of their work, convinced of its necessity and goodness, know exactly what they’re doing. They have factored in ghastly reprisals, and have plans about how to follow up.

O traitor Meshaal: Martyr Shaikh Ahmed Yassin said hours before his death …

Prelude to an Attack on Syria? The Yassin Assassination ~ by Gary Leupp


Khaled Meshaal is Mole for the CIA, Mossad, and Jordanian Intelligence

Assad_meditation_2015-may “Mish’al demanded of us that we repress the revolution and kill the protesters”. Bashar Al-Assad lifts the veil off Hamas’ face and exposes Mish’al’s conspiracy to destroy Syria.

President Bashar Al-Assad exposed, during a meeting with leaders of the Palestinian communities in Europe, at the sidelines of the Third Convention of the communities, which was convened in Damascus at the beginning of this month, the details of the strained relationship which existed between Syria and Hamas and the total break at the end.

President Assad threw light on Hamas’ effort to mediate between the Syrian “regime” and the Muslim Brotherhood. The Syrian government rejected the mediation.

During the encounter, which lasted hours, Assad elaborately discussed the Hamas Movement and the (P)LO: “We in Syria, since the onset of the Palestinian revolution, opened doors for the Palestinians and gave them all we could, the most important of which was that they sensed they lived in their own country.”

He said: “We agreed and disagreed at different stages with the Palestinian leadership, and from time to time, but, there never took place a parting or complete breach with any Palestinian side”, adding, “that during the year 1999 after the leadership of Hamas was ejected from Jordan, we opened the door for them despite our bitter* experience with the Brotherhood and we said that anyone who is pursued or besieged by Israel or America will find our doors opened before him regardless of his beliefs.”

Assad also mentioned that Syria granted them all facilities, and all capabilities for the sake of the Palestinian cause. Syria knew ahead of time that they (Hamas) were an extension of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood with whom we fought and battled for a long time. Yet, from a nationalist perspective, we distinguished between them and the Muslim Brotherhood and we dealt with them as Palestinian resistance fighters – a people with a cause”. He continued: “They used to always sing the praises of Syria’s patriotic and nationalistic positions and we’d say to them that Syria was only undertaking its patriotic and nationalistic duties. Then, pressures and embargos were were imposed on us from that same moment when we embraced Hamas.”

Assad then pointed out that “after the invasion of Iraq and the fall of Baghdad, American emissaries would come to us with threats and warnings that American and Alliance Forces were on their way to Syria, so the ball was in our court, and that the only thing asked of you was to throw Hamas out of Syria.”

“We rejected that and we stuck to our positions despite the weak Syrian situation at that stage. Advisors and friends came to us from all quarters warning us and telling us not to destroy Syria.”

“Get Hamas out of Syria! In spite of that we refused insistently and boldly. All that was derived from our faith in the Palestinian cause.” He turned to the fact that “Hamas settled in Syria and conducted its affairs in total freedom and openness; it found a safe haven for itself here. We granted them facilities which were never granted to any party in the history of Syria.”

He likewise touched on how Hamas’s leadership would seek out the opinion of the (Syrian) leadership with regard to every contact with Arabic countries and would look with great seriousness to the regional role on the Palestinian cause…and here I say, a second time, they considered the regional role as one of the instruments of Israel and the United States.

Assad said: “During one of my previous meetings with Khaalid Mish’al, he came and advanced a position that the Hamas leadership, from the standpoint of paying back a debt to Syria, that they, in the Movement, are asking our permission to start putting forth efforts with the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Movement to work toward a reconciliation with the Syrian state and that they, i.e. Hamas, are able to accomplish that. They sensed a very positive (reaction) from the Muslim Brotherhood with regard to this effort.”

He added: “I told Mish’al that you are a Palestinian and a (member of the) resistance, and so I ask you not to interfere in the internal affairs of any Arab country. Our problem with the Brotherhood is an internal Syrian matter. Don’t involve yourself in it. You must maintain one singular cause and that is that all should be supportive of you. Don’t lose one party on account of another. Your cause requires the efforts of all. So, I don’t see that it is necessary for you to interfere in the internal affairs of any country. And we don’t demand that you return a favor for our position in regards to you for what we undertook was a duty and an obligation for the cause of Palestine.”

He (Assad) indicated that he reassured Mish’al “of the need for them to spare themselves the trouble clarifying: “I told him the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria are Syrian citizens, firstly and lastly, such that it is only laws and statutes that separate us. I don’t want to take a long time on this matter, instead, I want to move you to the onset of the Syrian crisis.”

President Assad then said: “I remember that Mish’al met up with a member of the Muslim Brotherhood in this country, before the beginning of the Syrian crisis, but, after the events in Tunisia and during the events in Egypt. He told him that we in Hamas are expecting an American/Israeli conspiracy against Syria, and, that they are thinking about striking the center (mihwar) of the Resistance. And we expect Syria, which is the spearhead of this center, to become a target. And we, from this time on, without hesitation or thought, announce honestly that we shall be loyal soldiers for Syria in this historic battle.”

“With the onset of popular protests and events in some Syrian cities, I met with Mish’al who headed a delegation from Hamas. He was more extreme than me or the Syrian leadership. He demanded that we suppress and liquidate this movement with total force because it was a sign of the international conspiracy against Syria.”

“On that same day, Mish’al told me we should show them no mercy because they were stooges of America and Israel, reasserting his position that the defense of Syria now was the same as the defense of Palestine. He announced his and his movement’s readiness to be the loyal soldiers of Syria as soon as the request came, and, for that purpose, the Hamas Movement, began contacts and correspondences with many parties to explain this conspiracy to which Syria was exposed.”

President Assad then elucidated: “We were not confident about or comfortable with Hamas’ position. We had those among us who urged caution about the role which might have been prepared for them. The events continued and every day we used to pick up on interference from elements in the Hamas Movement in what was happening in Syria. We arrested some of them and released them after their leaders came to condemn that, saying to us that these were individual cases. Here I remember one event and that was Khalid Mish’al’s daughter and her husband who had control over an operation to transport arms exploiting the immunity granted to the leadership of Hamas. So, we released them later, and we would say `who knows what might be or what could be’”

“In truth, we have to point out here that Hamas was able, in the beginning, to deceive some of our regional allies who used to have faith in it and believed in its positions. We used to apprise them, one by one, of all the interference and transgressions of Hamas. But the biggest disaster was that Hamas tried to make a fool out of the Syrian state under slogans of cooperation with and devotion to Syria. (All the while) they were supplying us with deceptive and misleading security reports.”

“At that moment, we realized that Hamas was a main partner in what was happening in Syria. But, we didn’t announce it. And the situation stayed as it was. However, we, as a Syrian state started to deal with them as a party conspiring against Syria. We took down and followed their movements and interference. And there were those who came to us from the sons of Hamas who were faithful to Syrian lands to tell us what the Movement was doing against Syria. Despite that, we wouldn’t deal with them in the open just as it was our position in secret. Then, the former Foreign Minister of Qatar, Hamad Bin Jaassim, came at the head of a delegation from the Arab League to Syria, on a mission only to surprise us by convening a meeting between Khaled Mish’al and Hamad in the Qatari Embassy in Damascus. Hamad, during that phase, was leading the campaign against Syria.”

“The (Syrian) State summoned Mish’al and informed him in sharp language that the meeting contained violations of the etiquette of hospitality, protocol and respect. What he should have done was contact the State and say that he was invited to meet the foreign minister of Qatar or that he wanted to meet with him. But, that didn’t happen. The two sides acted as though Syrian land was taken as booty. At that moment, the Hamas Movement was publicly and openly restricted on Syrian soil and we started to detect, day after day, their interference.”

“I assure you that what the Yarmouk Camp saw and what it sees, including other camps, did not surprise us. We expected it. From the beginning we realized that there was something being made ready for the camps. And it was Hamas which was the party working on that score. Fearing the outbreak of fighting on our flanks, we had the opinion from the beginning to let them miss the opportunity so that there would be no talk about a Palestinian-Syrian conflict. This was what was being prepared both internally and externally. We did not ask any Palestinian party to take a stand with us or to lean toward us. We only insisted that Palestinians stay like that.”

“We did not ask the Palestinian Authority and the PLO, despite our flagging relations during the period accompanying the events in Syria, to side with us. Likewise, we did not criticize them for their neutrality. We saw in their position a victory for their cause. This was their right. However, what shocked us (“froze our breast) was that the Palestinians themselves were most among the parties and people who understood the reality of the conspiracy which was being prepared for Syria. So, what has happened and is happening; that the target is the “regime” is a lie and a falsehood. The aim is to destroy Syria as a victory for Israel. This is the view of the Palestinians. They are right. And, with immense pride, I say that the Palestinian people outstripped all others, even the Syrians themselves, in understanding that.”

He turned to the fact that Palestinian patriots and at their pinnacle, the Palestine Liberation Organization and President ‘Abbaas, realized the enormity of this conspiracy; that the fall of Syria is the fall of the Palestinian cause. President Assad said: “We now are as happy as we can be in hosting you and likewise extremely happy that the Syrian conflict pulled away the mask of political Islam in a manifest and obvious way. That which does not believe in patriotism or nationalism. Rather, it believes only in its own self interest. It strives for it no matter who is its ally. No values, no morals. No principles. No honesty. No loyalty. However, despite what has happened, he was good to the entire Arab people. (Umma) Don’t be deceived by the media or the positions of nations. All are rushing now to Syria for the sake of relations under the table. But, Syria’s position is that there must be visible relations. He who has deceived and conspired against Syria must announce that honestly and publicly because, in that, there is a lesson for others.

Translation from the Arabic by Ziad Amin Abu Fadel, Supreme Court certified interpreter for Arabic/English. We thank JP News for providing the text.



yassinIn 1987, during the First Intifada, Sheikh Ahmad Yassin co-founded Hamas with Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi and they both, especially Sheikh Ahmad Yassin opposed any peace process with the zionist entity and he very much promoted armed resistance against this illegal state. I remember a very moving statement that Sheikh Ahmad Yassin made once from a hospital while being treated for injuries after an assassination attempt by the IOF, he said “Hamas leaders wish to be martyrs and are not scared of death.”. His wish was granted on the 22nd March 2004, in Gaza, while he was being taken to pray morning prayer. This was the martyrdom of a great man, a great leader, a warrior, a fighter, a soldier, a believer and a justice seeker. Every drop of blood of every single Palestinian mattered to him. Oh, how things have changed from 2004, to 2012 in Hamas’ political wing.


Meshaal came. Unfortunately, his remarks on the Syrian crisis have lost him all credibility and a certain phrase of “eating from a plate, then spitting in it” comes into mind. People say to me “What has Assad done for Hamas? What has he done for Palestine?”, let me remind you that before Meshaal took his moral high ground stance against the Syrian government, in January 2009, he was in a meeting with President Assad THANKING him and the Syrian people for their support to Hamas. In fact, his exact words were “Syria is a partner in the victory achieved by the Palestinian people.” and Yedihot Ahranot also claimed that “Members of the Hamas delegation expressed their appreciation to the Syrian leader and to the Syrian people for the support offered to the Palestinian struggle during the fighting in the Gaza Strip.”

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad meeting up with Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal, after the Palestinian Resistance’s victory over the Zionist Entity in 2008/2009.,7340,L-3661074,00.html

So, what has changed in 3 years? Did President Assad suddenly become a “dictator”? Did Khaled Meshaal receive a message from the Heavens telling him to support Syrian “freedom” or “democracy”? From thanking the President of Syria for his contribution to the resistance in Palestine in 2009, to lifting up the French Mandate flag in Gaza in 2012, these are two extremes, Meshaal’s current stance on Syria is extreme and not even neutral. He held a flag that supports terrorism, killing, destruction, death and massacres in Syria amongst its people and its infrastructure. This, is exactly where Khaled Meshaal has lost all credibility and in my opinion, there is something very dodgy about him, dodgy to the point of a traitor to the zionist entity and the reasons for these will make you think clearly, so lets look at the facts.

1. When the 13 year old boy, Hameed Abu Daqqa, was martyred by IOF attack on him while he was innocently playing football on the 13th November 2012, what was Meshaal’s reaction? What did he say? These are innocent civilians in HIS besieged, oppressed city. What was his reaction? A condemnation of this attack is a given. Iran, Hezbollah, Syria and many other countries condemned this attack, but what was his active response? These are your people that you must protect, but Meshaal forgot completely that this child was martyred. However, 2 days later, when the great martyr Ahmad al-Ja’bari was martyred, Meshaal came out straight away and said that “they would open the gates of hell” on the zionist entity. Now, I am not opposing resistance because as anyone knows, I am the greatest supporter of resistance and anybody that opposes this cancerous entity, then I support. However, my issue with this is that, why did Meshaal wait until one of his top commanders of his military wing was martyred until he “opened the gates of hell”? If Ahmed al-Ja’bari was the first martyr, then one can understand that because we are not aggressors, but a 13 year old child was killed 2 days prior to the martyrdom of al-Ja’bari, so why did he wait? Did he even mention the child? He talks of it being a “victory for the Palestinian people”, but while he is sitting in Cairo, he is not acting upon innocent people being martyred daily by the Zionist Entity. This is proof that he doesn’t care about the Palestinian people, he doesn’t care about Palestine, he cares about how he longs among the masses, trying to please them by betraying Syria, then lying to the Palestinian people by saying that he cares about them, but in actual fact, he only ever acts when a member of Hamas is martyred. These are the facts.

2. I want to know exactly why Khaled Meshaal is so persistent and determined to thank Qatar, Turkey and Egypt for the Palestinian Resistance’s victory over the zionist entity in Gaza over a month ago. What have these countries done for Gaza and Palestine, other than plot and conspire against them? Turkey, are the 5th largest exporters to the zionist entity in the world and they have great relationships with the very entity that has invaded Palestinian land. Egypt, well, where do you begin? They have a government that has peace with israel, has an ambassador in israel and an israeli ambassador in Egypt, who sends love letters to the Presidents of the entity that has invaded Palestine, closes the Rafah crossing which prevents any aid and weapons going through, which is the only way the Palestinians will be helped, therefore aiding to the oppression of the Palestinians in Gaza. Finally, Qatar, a country that welcomes israelis into its country with open arms and deals with the entity on every single level and reportedly took information on the whereabouts of important Hamas members (Al-Ja’bari) and passed them on to the zionist entity on the day of their visit to Gaza, when they were donating some $900 million, but they can’t give a bullet to the resistance. Why? Because there is israel watching them. Yet, Meshaal thanks them for the victory against the zionist entity. One must question, why? Why does he thank traitors? Why does he thank conspirers? Why does he thank oppressors and dictators and besiegers? Did these countries arm the resistance? Are we missing something? Or did these countries cry crocodile tears for Gaza and not do anything other than splurt out meaningless words, while the resistance was building a victory stemming from Iranian and Syrian developed rockets?! This is the second reason.

Another photo of President Assad and Khaled Meshaal meeting. The man Meshaal is now calling a dictator, was fine with him before, no?

3. After the victory against the zionist entity, Meshaal returned to Gaza for the first time. Now, after a 9 day war, against a entity that has no rules, no laws, is an aggressor, violates, kills, destroys, backstabs and does not stick to rules, one must question, if Meshaal was legitimate, would he still be alive? Look at the history and all resistance leaders or commanders of the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance have been assassinated ranging from Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, to Rantissi, to Al-Ja’bari, to Sheikh Raghib Harb, Sayed Abbas al-Mousawi, Hajj Imad Moughnieh and many others, however Meshaal survived. In a time where the “israeli” blood was boiling and the politicians were resigning and the news channels were attacking Netanyahu, HAMAS leader Khaled Meshaal went into Gaza, openly, and was not attacked or threatened, while the leader of Islamic Jihad, Ramadan Salah, was forbidden and denied entry into Gaza and was warned of an assassination attempt if he ever did. We all know for a fact, that if Meshaal was legitimate and he was indeed a threat to the zionist entity, he would never have come out of Gaza alive. In fact, he would never have even been allowed to step foot into Gaza in the first place because it would be gloating and proving to the world that it was a victory to the resistance. This would only have been accepted if it was negotiated with israel. Is this not food for thought?

4. One of the main reasons for my opinions on Meshaal is his stance on Syria. Many will believe that I am wrong for this and that everybody has a right to an opinion, but this is not the case with Meshaal because of a couple of reasons. 1. The situation Palestine is in, 2. Syria is one of the greatest supporters of Hamas and Palestine and you only need to see the rockets that the resistance have used in the wars against “israel” to prove this, 3. If Syria falls, liberating Palestine would become a near impossible task because it makes “israel”, the entity that has invaded Palestinian land, would become stronger. Therefore, Hamas and Meshaal’s stance on Syria must be without a question in one direction and that is supporting the government and the army against any terrorism and outside interference which is looking to destabilise Syria and weaken Syria in order to make the zionist entity stronger. What did Meshaal do? He took the extreme ANTI-Syria stance. The stance that helps “israel”. Now, regardless of how much Meshaal says he wants “freedom and democracy” for the Syrian people, it is a lie. Firstly, he was meeting with the very same President in 2009 and thanking him for his efforts. President Assad did not become a dictator over night and the Syrian people did not become oppressed and their rights were not stripped off them over night either. It reminds me a little of America with Iraq and Saddam Hussain. When Saddam Hussain wanted to destroy Iran, US supported him and armed him with everything they had, even nuclear weapons, but then, his demise was at the hands of the US. In this case, Meshaal is the US and that is never a good sign. Also, the countries that Meshaal so proudly thanked in his victory and return speech to Gaza, Turkey/Qatar/Egypt, are all dictatorships! The hypocrisy is astounding. Erdogan attacks his people and gases them if they protest, Qatar do not even have elections and force sharia law and Egypt, where Meshaal RESIDES, is in tatters at the moment because of a dictatorial constitution that the cancerous Muslim Brotherhood is trying to implement there! So, why does Meshaal care so much about the Syrian people, but not the Turkish, Egyptian and Qatari people? Why does he want to see the ONLY country and the ONLY leader in the Middle East, that supports the Palestinian Resistance, ruined? In flames? Destroyed? His stance does not make sense at all and surprisingly to many who will look at Meshaal, titled “Hamas leader”, they will see he is supporting the same agenda that his very enemies and the countries that are conspiring against Palestine are supporting. This is hugely important to discover what Meshaal is actually about.


The same man that was meeting with President Assad in 2009, when it suited him, is now lifting the French mandate flag at a ceremony that has NOTHING to do with Syria other than that they HELPED Palestine & Hamas!

5. The final point I will make, which back up my point on why I believe Meshaal is a traitor, is the huge issue of the refugees in Al-Yarmouk Refugee Camp in Damascus, Syria. This issue is huge. This issue is not a matter of supporting the Syrian government or the Syrian people, instead it is a matter of supporting his very own Palestinian people and refugees, that were being brutally attacked by the FSA/AlQaeda terrorists. When the terrorists entered into this camp and started displacing and killing innocents and destroying and preventing children from going to schools or sleeping in their homes, what was Meshaal’s response? Hamas came out with a statement saying that they condemned the SYRIAN ARMY for the shelling on the camp, while we were seeing multiple videos of terrorism by the armed rebels and multiple videos of the residents protesting and asking them to leave the camp immediately. While the PFLP were sending men from Lebanon and Gaza to fight and support the refugees that were getting brutally killed and terrorised in Al-Yarmouk camp, what did Meshaal do to support his Palestinian people? What did he say? How did he act? He didn’t. Instead, he left the Palestinians to their fate at the hands of the terrorists and blamed the Syrian government for any problems in the refugee camp in Damascus. In fact, he may have even SUPPORTED the attack on al-Yarmouk camp. While we know for a fact that the attack on al-Yarmouk camp was a zionist entity attack led by Al-Nusra Brigade terrorists. Ahmed Jibril, the leader of the PFLP, was present in Al-Yarmouk camp and they are the group that attacked the bus in Tel Aviv which ended killing 3 people and injuring dozens. It was an obvious plan by the zionist entity to try and attack Ahmed Jibril and his people as a retaliation, but of course they can not do it themselves because that would open a war with Syria, which the zionist entity can not handle, so they sent the terrorist Jabhat al-Nusra to do it for them, but terrorism, as always, will fail at the hands of the Syrian Army, but instead of Meshaal supporting his people against these terrorists, he supported the terrorists against his own people and the very government that gave him a home and opened tens of offices for Hamas, when he came begging to the Syrian government!


Palestinian Refugees returning to Al-Yarmouk Camp rallying and demanding the terrorists to leave immediately. (Yet Meshaal blames the government for shelling!!!)

I would like to remind the people reading this of Meshaal’s contradicting nature. Not just by supporting a US/zionist agenda, while looking to resist the zionist entity, but also let us remember that in an interview with CNN, Meshaal said that he would recogniseand accept the 2-state solution, then he went to Gaza for the first time ever and he said to the Palestinian people that he would “never recognise israel”, which is it, Meshaal? Do you recognise them or not? As I said previously, he is a people pleaser, rather than a resistance leader.

All I can say is that, Sheikh Ahmad Yassin would be ashamed of Meshaal, and I for one, regret every single second that I supported this traitor. He is adding to the destruction in Syria. Meshaal is adding to the killing in Syria. Meshaal is supporting the expansion of “israel”. Meshaal is supporting a US/Zionist agenda! You tell me Muslim Brotherhood? Yes, Muslim Brotherhood are a cancer, in Tunisia, Egypt and in Hamas, but with Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, it was Muslim Brotherhood and his behaviour was never ever like this. The excuse of it being a Muslim Broterhood resistance is too vague and there are much more underlying reasons, much more, and from all the points I just named, I hope you can all see exactly what I am talking about.

I would once again like to say I am not against Hamas, but instead I am against their leadership. They are different. Al-Qassam, the military wing of Hamas, are not involved in the politics and in fact, the martyr Ahmad al-Ja’bari was one of the greatest military commanders of his time. I support all resistance that fights against the zionist entity, but Meshaal is not one of these people. He is a zionist puppet, as we can see.

Posted 20th December 2012 by Wajdi M. Harb


Recent rumors depict the Hezbollah-Hamas partnership as deteriorating under the weight of the war in Syria. One rumor even claimed that Hezbollah gave Hamas a 48-hour ultimatum to leave Lebanon. Though the relationship is lukewarm, there is ongoing coordination between the two sides. ~ Al-Akhbar


The potential for Salafist groups, such as ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, to carve out a de facto Islamic emirate in parts of northern Syria could send reverberations through the West Bank and Gaza as well. In both territories, Palestinian Salafist groups have challenged Fatah and Hamas’ authority in several ways, including by launching terrorist attacks. Gaza-based Salafists, meanwhile, have traveled to Syria to fight alongside ISIS. With such currents gaining greater power in the Egyptian Sinai, Lebanon, and western Iraq, USA’s  dream of establishing a borderless Islamic emirate in the Levant will continue to impact the regional environment.

As the Syrian crisis appears to have no easy solution in sight and the Palestinians’ internal divisions are unlikely to resolve in the near-term, the Syrian conflict’s polarizing impact will likely be felt within the Palestinian population for the foreseeable future. Of course, while the stateless Palestinians have less capacity to influence events in Syria compared to major regional powers that are heavily involved in the conflict, nearly all Palestinians understand that their people have high stakes in Syria. ~ with love, Meshaal



Young Palestinian Refugees Join Jihadists Fighting in Syria ~ WSJ

Syrian Arab Army defeated and erased foreign killers of Saudi/Tunisian/Libyan/Jordanian/Palestinian nationality





The Ugly Trade in Human Life in Yarmouk, Syria by Abbas’ Fatah & Qatari backed Hamas faction of Meshaal, Haniyeh & Marzouk

It is within the single context of trading in other people’s human lives for personal financial gain that the volte face by Abbas Fatah and the long treacherous behaviour of the ‘political’ Hamas faction of Meshaal, Haniyeh and Marzouk in Yarmouk in Syria can be seen.

Both Fatah and the Hamas faction led by Meshaal, Haniyeh and Marzouk are not only entirely discounted as supporting any resistance whatsoever to NATO, but are the worst kind of traitors towards their fellow human being.


source: Hamas “bodyguard” Mohamed az-Zaghmoud (Abu Ahmad al-Musheer) set up a terrorist group in Yarmouk before being injured in December 6th 2014

Contrary to the narrow NATO rhetoric of Fatah and the Meshaal Hamas faction, true resistance to NATO, like true Islam and society’s rule of law embraces everywhere.

Fatah typically collected the brown envelope by first claiming they backed Palestinian resistance in Yarmouk before backtracking.

Meanwhile the US, UK, France and Jordan are ducking and diving all over the place at the U.N to try and avoid the fact that all the lethally armed ‘opposition’ to the Syrian government are in legal terms terrorists.

Moscow, SANA – The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the U.S., Britain, France and Jordan shot down a Russian-backed Syrian request to add ISIS to the Security Council’s sanctions list as a standalone organization.

In a statement on Friday, the Ministry said the Americans and their proponents insist that changing the name in the sanctions list from “Al Qaeda in Iraq” to ISIS “doesn’t reflect the actual reality of things” and that ISIS is included in the list under the aforementioned name.

The Ministry said that the obvious political motivation for such a position is attempting to dodge [legal] responsibility for the growing threat of ISIS, with these sides trying to prove that it isn’t a new organization that resulted from plots to topple the Syrian government by clinging to the idea that it’s just Al Qaeda in Iraq, so that they can claim that the coalition that is against the Syrian government doesn’t bear any responsibility for the rise of ISIS [or rather is the ‘Islamic State’]

The statement said that these claims being made by Washington aren’t convincing, noting that the U.S. is using the excuse that its State Department changed the name of “Al Qaeda in Iraq” to ISIS in a bid to justify their position in the UN, with the Ministry bringing back to mind the fact that Al Qaeda in Iraq emerged due to the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003.


The far from legal duck and dive involving the refusal of the US, UK, France and Jordan to list the ‘Islamic State’ on the UN sanctions list, confirms the UNSC countries funding all the terrorists.


 “Old man: You paint the wall, you make it look beautiful. Banksy: Thanks. Old man: We don’t want it to be beautiful, we hate this wall, go home.

 [Banksy is a two faced creep who used our campaign to try and make his name as a ‘political activist’ yet ‘opposes’ the Syrian government resistance to NATO. The Met ‘police’ complied with a court order they return the Banksy’s they stole from our campaign to him, because we would never want them back- I would have personally publicly burned them]

…So, Syrian government helped “Hamas” for decades, and had suffered sanctions because of that in the first place. They supported them, and gave them safe haven when every other Arab nation refused. They trained them how to make underground tunnels to fight Israel as a resistance movement. Then, the “Arab Spring” started, and the leaders of “Hamas”… changed loyalties, thanks to the temptation of the money of Qatar; the allurement of the Great Neo-Ottoman Erdogan; and the glamour of ruling the whole Middle East…thought that they became a Super Power that doesn’t need the Iranian aid anymore, nor the Syrian haven, nor Hezbollah’s training.

 It would be way better if they just left Syria when it needed friends to stay with it in such crisis time, or if they just became neutralized and didn’t join neither the government nor the rebels. Nop! Instead, they stabbed the government in the back! They used all their techniques that had been taught by Syrians, Lebanese, and Iranians to use against the Israelis; they used it against Syrians!”

source: the plo may as well drop the ‘liberation’ part from their moniker

“…The Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) has ruled out asking the Syrian government to launch military action in the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus.

A statement issued late on Thursday contradicted comments made by a senior PLO official visiting Damascus.

Ahmed Majdalani said 14 Palestinian factions wanted a joint operation with the Syrian army to expel Islamic State (IS) militants from the camp.

But the PLO statement said it refused to be drawn into the conflict in Syria…”

the oil hugging erdogan, haniyeh, the al-thanis and meshaal are obviously not resistance to nato

People can no longer insult people’s intelligence by trying to pretend that Meshaal and Co are any better being slaves to their Qatari masters and NATO puppets petrodollar because that the NATO War on Syria does not “involve” the global civilian population.


“…We have called for the withdrawal of gunmen from all factions and to put the camps under a Palestinian administration,” [outside syrian government control] Murra [from Hamas media bureau] added.

Murra called for dialogue between Hamas and Damascus to “mend fences”, saying his group recognized Syria’s geographical importance to Palestine [not Syria’s resistance to NATO]…”

source: Hamas Commander Huzayfa Abdullah al-Azzam in Idlib, Syria: it is not just in Yarmouk in Syria that the traitorous Qatari backed Meshaal-Haniyeh-Marzouk faction of Palestinian Hamas have been illegally operating.

True resistance to NATO does not depend on brown envelopes that sell out all humanity.

Once again the losers in foul Palestinian ‘politics’ are Palestinian people’s lives.

The underlying problem for NATO however continues to be recruiting sufficient numbers of mercenary criminals in Syria, which is why there is a rainbow coalition of all sorts of lowlife.

at the very same time tory ‘minister’ alan duncan was running his vitol oil MI6 Libyan cell racket (murdoch ‘journo’ peter jones seen with al-Hatari centre & abdelhakimbelhaj next to him on right) the british government were trying to murder us with their violent criminal gang ‘democracy village’

I was by no co-incidence illegally imprisoned without legal representation or trial when Duncan spilled the beans about his Vitol oil MI6 Libyan cell racket in 2011, which was protecting Belhaj and al-Hatari, and only adds to the million and one reasons the British government and their terrorists fear a High Courtjury hearing the truth to hold them to account.

In fact, immediately after I had publicly questioned the involvement of NATO in the War on Libya in an ‘Independent’ news media interview in June 2011, the British government’s criminal gang called ‘Democracy Village’ tried to smash a wine bottle over my head, before punching me in the jaw.

Of course it would be impossible for the heterophobic Alan Duncan and his rent boys to explain how I was imprisoned in 2011 over illegal ‘police’ searches in 2009 and 2010, while the British government were openly supportingterrorists like al-Hatari and Abdelhakim Belhaj.

source: obviously a turkish & israeli government gladio operation

While the criminals NATO hire are more than willing to take their money and weapons, they are of course less willing to actually take the risk of fighting and dying for NATO.

source: libyan/irish al-hatari in syria


Hamas Inches Toward Return to the Resistance Axis

Iran and Hamas have almost mended their relationship, even though Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal has yet to visit Tehran. The two sides held long discussions in the last few days, which culminated with the Hamas delegation passing on the requests of their military wing, the al-Qassam Brigades. These included requests for supplies of Iranian weapons in preparation for any future conflicts.


now onto Yemen …

JEDDAH: The head of Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, Khaled Meshaal, met Saudi King Salman during a pilgrimage to Mecca, in a rare encounter since a two-year rift, state news agency SPA reported Saturday. ~

Khaled Mashaal Rejects Reports on Positive Response to Riyadh in War on Yemen

Politburo Chief of the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement Khaled Mashaal dismissed media reports on his positive response to Saudi Arabia’s demand for joining the war on Yemen, Al-Alam News Network reports. – See more at:


Related Betrayal by Meshaal to Hamas

Locations of Hamas Leaders Identified during Qatari Emir’s Recent Visit to Gaza

TEHRAN (FNA)- The residence and offices of a number of Hamas leaders were identified during the recent visit to the Gaza Strip by Qatar’s King Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani and later targeted by Israeli missile and bomb attacks, informed sources disclosed.



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