Idlib: Syrian Air Force drowns Obama’s Al Qaeda in the Flames of Hell ~Hundreds of Rats Eliminated in Latakia as Villages Liberated Wholesale

Ziad Fadel /17 July 2015


IDLIB:  The preparations for the assault on Jisr Al-Shughoor and the extermination of the rats inside should be very obvious to our readers because they are obvious to the rodents who infest the Syrian landscape.  The SAAF flew over 40 sorties yesterday attacking concentrations of rodents all around the Jisr Al-Shughoor countryside.  All this was taking place as forces are coming down from the Zaawiya Mountain chain through Hallooz and Ghassaaniya in a force that will be unstoppable.

Tallat  Khattaab:  (July 16, 2015) SAA air defenses shot down a Jaysh Al-Fath drone which was photographing SAA positions 3 days after the Nusra/Alqaeda terrorist flopped in overrunning this town.  The losses to Nusra were over 30 rats with scores wounded.   The drone was reportedly provided by the Saudi Arabian apes with the permission of the United States.  So much for the war against terrorism.

Jannat Al-Quraa:  SAAF has massacred a large grouping of terrorist rodents killing and wounding close to 150 based on aerial assessments.

Bizayt Village:  60 or more rats have been confirmed killed by aerial estimates as their areas of concentration become easier to hit thanks to ground spotters and the help of hundreds of citizens who are sickened by the sight of heretics and mass murdering psychopaths.

Ma’arrat-Massreen:  A large number of vultures were sent to Hell courtesy of Sukhoi bombers and a barrage of FROG and Katyusha rockets.   3 nests were annihilated their rat inhabitants torched beyond recognition.

صد هجوم على مطار كويرس.. والجماعات المسلحة تعترف بمقتل 31 من إرهابييها بريف حلب

Abu Dhuhoor Village area:  Nusra and Ahraar Al-Shaam took it in the solar plexus as the SAAF continues to fly out of the airbase to flush the rats down the toilet whose destination is Satan’s Saloon and Spa.

Kafr ‘Uwayd Village:  SAAF hit this area hard last night in the far southwest of the province.  Nightly estimates are difficult.

Heavy fighting with massive losses to the rats here:  Al-Tamaani’ah, Binnish, Umm Jareen, Al-Tur’ah, Qar’ Al-Ghazaal.




The Syrian Army has liberated these villages in the north of Latakia Province as confirmed by the Ministry of Defense:

Bayt Zayfaa

Bayt Khudhoor

Al-Sindiyaan Mountain summit

Tal Al-Dhudhr

Al-Rahmaliyya Mountain summit

Al-Maqtaraaniyya Mountain summit

According to rat websites, the Nusra/Alqaeda group lost over 130 rats in the fighting.

الجيش السوري يبسط سيطرته على عدة قرى في ريف اللاذقية الشمالي



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