Islamic Jihad: Israel Supporting Takfiri Terrorists in Gaza

Islamic Jihad: Israel Supporting Takfiri Terrorists in Gaza

TEHRAN (FNA)– Representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement in Tehran Abu Sharif blasted the Israeli regime for supporting the Takfiri terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip.

“The Takfiri terrorist groups are very suspicious and their operations in the Gaza Strip are on the rise; we are sure that these groups are being supported by the Zionist regime and their main goal is to strike a blow at the resistance in Gaza,” Abu Sharif said, addressing a press conference in Tehran on Monday on the latest developments in Palestine.

He underlined that not only Israel, but some Arab regimes have played a direct role in the intensification of the siege of Gaza, and said, “Unfortunately, a sum of 1,400 tunnels have been destroyed in the border with Egypt and the Egyptian government is also trying to completely prevent flow of aids to Gaza.”

In mid-June, sources from the Freedom Flotilla Alliance revealed that around 100 EU parliamentarians have signed a petition calling for the end of the eight-year Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip.

Among those who signed the petition was Vice President of the European Parliament Dimitris Papadimoulis and representatives from more than 15 EU countries.

In December, Senior Islamic Jihad Official Khader Habib warned the Israeli regime that his Movement’s armed wing would strongly respond to its persistent aggressive actions in occupied Jerusalem.

In remarks broadcast by the Movement’s radio, Habib affirmed that the Islamic Jihad could no longer remain silent on Israel’s crimes and might resume its human bombing operations inside the Israeli occupied territories.

Describing Israel as the world’s biggest terrorist entity, the Islamic Jihad official said that the options of the Palestinian people for resisting the occupation are various and the human bombing attacks are one of them.

He also deplored the passive regional position towards Jerusalem, and accused prominent Arab regimes of conspiring against the Palestinian resistance.

“The resistance project collides with the consensus of the Arab regimes on what they call the Arab initiative,” he stated.



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