New Terrorist Assault on Aleppo Flop ~ Big Time British Screwball Snafu

Ziad Fadel / 4 July 2015


The British love suicide bombers when they are used to kill brown people whom they would normally oppress if the world were still right and proper.  The British imbeciles in Incirlik, Gaziantep and Reyhanli, regularly rub shoulders with their (inferior) counterparts in the Turk MIT as a grudging nod to the WOG in the neighborhood.  They meet with Syrian, but mostly foreign, “opposition” terrorists to give them the full confidence of the United Kingdom and all the encouragement they need to drive a lorry laden with explosives straight into a British manufactured oblivion.  This is what makes great conversation for tea time once back in Chelsea surrounded by chrysanths and hedgerows.  The smiling rodent, bearded, his teeth all smothered in plaque and soft-diet film, rotting molars, and breath so rank it would repel feral bats, blurts out his swan song, his Allahu Akbar, while comforted by the glow of the freckled British arse displayed on the dashboard.  This is what war criminal Cameron loves to hear about.   All for Mother England.  The bejeweled, sceptered isle whose drusy rocky shores are now haven for every toxic crustacean who had the spine to swim the ocean just to reach the carotid artery of that sleeping British bastard.

ALEPPO:  There is a new gang in town.  It’s called “Ansaar Al-Sharee’ah”.  It’s just been announced as a new replacement for “Jaysh Al-Fath”.  Oh, Yawn!  When will it end?  Not the war, I mean, the constant permutations of words all designed to awaken something useless in man or rodent.  SyrPer has learned that the British came up with new group after consulting with Turk “colleagues”.  All the news today about the assault on Aleppo is related to this new crime syndicate.

Advanced Research Complex:  SAA artillery has inflicted massive losses on the attacking rodents.  While some troll websites report terrorist success in infiltrating some parts of the complex, my sources in Aleppo say “absolutely not”.  So far, rat losses in this area exceed 100 as SAAF continues to fly sorties and drop laser-guided missiles smack into the concentrations of rodents.  SOHR is continuing to spread lies coordinated with the wishful thinking in British operations rooms in Incirlik.  Total lies.  Attack crushed.

Via Wikimapia:

Air Force Intelligence Complex:  In the same area, another miserable and failed British-planned assault comes a big cropper.  They just don’t get it. They don’t even get the fact that the complex directors have transferred all files to Damascus and there is nothing there which is going to embarrass the Syrian government.  If the rats are dreaming of displaying the booty or war, they will be lucky to come up with the brank of toilet paper used.

Al-Raashideen:  Entire rat operation to enter 4 blocks in this area failed with the usual rodent screaming and sounds of vans rushing in to speed the writhing carcasses away to quack field hospitals which (by the way) are being shellacked by SAAF.


Dayr Haafir Village

Tal ‘Alam

Tal Al-Turkus

Al-Jabbool Village

انتحاري يفجر نفسه في أريحا ويقتل 40 مسلحاً بينهم أمير

Kafr Hamraa:  Nusra took a beating here along with Al-Jabha Al-Shaamiyya, 3 kms northwest of Aleppo City.  Reports indicate direct hits on several vehicles without much detail.

Castillo Road:  Reports coming in from various sources indicate a major ambush laid by the SAA and PDC for moving rodents resulting in over 80 killed or wounded.  The road used was mined by SAA engineers and the mines were detonated by remote control when spotters espied the convoy moving at around 2 o’clock at night.  A real turkey shoot.  No names.  No assessments.

Maskana Village:  A platoon of SAA rangers with members of the PDC engaged a pack of hyenas belonging to Nusra and killed all 8:

Saari Ahmad Baddoor

He was the only Syrian in the group made up of mostly Daghestanis and Chechens.

Heavy fighting here: Al-Burayj, ‘Ayn Al-Hanash (The Serpent’s Eye), Bustaan Al-Qassr, Al-Shaykh Sa’eed. 

مراسل العالم: مقتل قطري في ريف حلب+فيديوAl-Shuwayhana Hill:  Artillery struck pay dirt killing an estimated 10+ rodents.

Air Force College area:  This citadel, repelled another repugnant pack of ISIS rats, their bad breath and all.

‘Ayn Jaara and Al-Mansoora:  SAA foiled attempts to infiltrate.

Al-Manbij:  Finally. ISIS is being pounded by the SAAF here in a first major effort to soften up the defenses in preparation for the assault.  Very important.



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