EXCLUSIVE: Druzi Minority Blocks Transfer of Terrorists Wounded in Syrian Battles for Treatment in Israel

EXCLUSIVE: Druzi Minority Blocks Transfer of Terrorists Wounded in Syrian Battles for Treatment in Israel

TEHRAN (FNA)– The Druzi youth in Syria’s Golan Heights stood up to the Israeli forces and blocked the road to the Israeli army ambulances carrying the terrorists injured in battles in Syria for treatment in Israel.

The Israeli ambulances were passing through the Golan Heights when they came under attack in Druzi-populated town of Harfish in al-Jalil.

A group of Druzi youth hurled stones at the Israeli ambulances when they found out that they were packed with wounded terrorists.

On Sunday, sources disclosed that the terrorists who have sustained injuries during the heavy fighting over a strategic town in Quneitra are taken to Israel for treatment.

“An Israeli army unit transferred the terrorists who were wounded in today’s clashes in the surrounding areas of the town of Hazar to the occupied territories for treatment,” local sources told FNA.

The Israeli army took the wounded militants to the field hospitals in the Occupied Golan Heights set up by the Israelis.

Earlier reports had informed that Israel had opened its doors with Syria in order to provide medical treatment to the gunmen of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), al-Nusra Front, Al-Qaeda terrorist groups who were wounded in the ongoing fighting against the Syrian army.

Earlier today, the Syrian army backed by popular defense forces managed to thwart the Takfiri terrorists’ attack on Hazar in Quneitra province.

The Al-Nusra Front terrorists were pushed back from the surrounding areas of the strategic town of Hazar, FNA dispatches said.

The Syrian warplanes, meantime, struck the terrorists’ positions near Hazar town seven times.

Over 200 terrorists have been killed in the clashes in the region in the last three days.

The Wall Street Journal reported in March that al-Nusra Front “hasn’t bothered Israel since seizing the border area last summer” along the Golan Heights.

Those Takfiri elements “who control some two-thirds to 90% of the border on the Golan aren’t attacking Israel. This gives you some basis to think that they understand who is their real enemy – maybe it isn’t Israel”, Amos Yadlin, the former military intelligence chief, was quoted by The Wall Street Journal as saying.

The fact that the Israeli-Syria border area along the occupied Golan Heights has remained largely quiet has sparked accusations that the Takfiri operatives are backed by Israel.

“Some in Syria joke: ‘How can you say that Al-Qaeda doesn’t have an air force? They have the Israeli air force’,” Assad told Foreign Affairs magazine earlier this year. “They are supporting the rebels in Syria. It is very clear.”

The Wall Street Journal quoted “an Israeli military official” who said that most of those treated were armed rebels fighting the Damascus government.

“We don’t ask who they are, we don’t do any screening,” the official said. “Once the treatment is done, we take them back to the border and they go on their way.”

Syria has been hit by unrest since mid-March 2011, and the western media reports accuse countries, mainly the US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar of orchestrating the conflict in the country and providing terrorist groups with money, weapons and trained mercenaries.



2 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Druzi Minority Blocks Transfer of Terrorists Wounded in Syrian Battles for Treatment in Israel

  1. Many thanks for publishing this extremely revealing report.


    There is no war on terror, there is only a war against innocent civilian Gentiles in the way of Eretz Israel expansion, and against those brave enough to resist Israeli Jewish terrorism, WHICH IS HELL-BENT ON WORLD DOMINATION.

    ISIS, like the Taliban and Al Qaeda, is the terrorist creation of the US and UK and ISRAELI governments, along with the help of the CRYPTO-JEWISH LED Turkish government.

    The CIA and Mossad operatives that have been captured whilst assisting ISIS, and the planes and helicopters that have been shot down carrying British and American arms to ISIS all prove this, along with the wounded ISIS terrorists being treated in Israeli hospitals, along with the fact that ISIS never attacks Israel.

    And we can now surely see with the continued treatement of ISIS terrorist wounded by Israel that the fake news that ISIS has recently declared war on Israel was just a smokescreen to hide the truth from the Gentiles, that ISIS is what it really is ISRAELI SECRET INTELLIGENCE SERVICE.

    Meanwhile, the mainstream Jewish press in America and Europe puts out the same disinformation that their (Jewish-led) governments are actually fighting ISIS.

    Yet the vast majority of the people in the USA and UK and other countries, whose essentially Jewish leaders support ISIS, remain so numb, just like the sheeple that they are, exactly like sheep waiting their turn in a slaughterhouse, never daring to acknowledge to themselves the real truth of that inevitability, they just carry on to the bitter end, just glad that the murderous genocidal violence is not killing them too just at the moment, glad that the machine is not venting its full fury against them too, not just yet anyway, but it will, as they are all Amalekites too, and the Jewish religion states that ALL Amalekites must be killed, from the beginning to the end, and that ALL Gentiles are Amalekites by extension.

    They will never wake up, they cannot, as they have been subjected to immensely sophisticated procedures to prevent that ever happening, and most will surely come to perish themselves in the end, as there is nothing to stop the Jewish machine, not even Putin, who is right behind it with his anti-holocaust denial legislation and his drive for worldwide legislation against even mentioning any good accomplishments of German National Socialism, which is surely the result of influence on him by his Chabad Lubavitcher friends.

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