More Bad News and Dead Asshats for the Saudis ~ Syria


by Ziad Fadel /14 June 2015

الجيش  syrian

DAMASCUS:  Oh, wow! Whatever happened to that big push on the capital?  Geez, it seems to have gotten bogged down in something called defeat.  Watch this:

Marj Al-Sultaan and Dayr Salmaan Orchards:  A pickup truck carrying an hybrid mixture of filthy, heretical rodents was put to the torch by SAA and PDC heroes.  That caused the foot-rats alongside it to run straight into an ambush set by the SAA.  It was a turkey-shoot fit for a Coney Island gallery.  The first group killed was from Liwaa` Al-Islam (yawn):

‘Abdul-Haleem Al-Waa`ili (QATARI HOG BOIL)


Faysal Al-Talli

Nidhaal Al-Ajwah

Sa’eed Al-Qaabooni

And now the second group which belonged to Nusra/Alqaeda:

Fathi Kharaabisha

Bahaa`-Al-Deen Al-Khateeb

‘Umar Fustuq (He was nuts!)

Sultaan Al-Nu’maan

May they all roast in Hell.

‘Irbeen – Zamaalika Axis:  East of the by-pass highway, SAA snipers dropped these rodents as SAA infantry moved in for the extermination. All belonged toLiwaa` Al-Islam:

Sattaam Muhammad ‘Issa Al-Shihri (SAUDI SCARABIAN SNAKE SPUNK)

Mas’ood Mustafaa

Sa’eed Saayima

Ghaalib Saleeqaani

Naaji Qaddoora

Muheeb Saadiq

Sulaymaan Al-Qitaabi

May they all spend eternity in Satan’s “George Foreman Grill”.

مقتل إرهابيين قطريون وسعوديون بعمليات للجيش بريف دمشق

Aaliya Farms on the northern fringes of Doumaa where ‘Alloosh used to spend his happy moments:  10 confirmed rat deaths at the hands of the SAA. No names.

Jawbar:  At the now-demolished Teachers’ Tower near the Al-HallaabaNeighborhood, the SAA killed 2 rats and took 7 prisoners.

Al-Zabadaani:  Nests of remnant rodents destroyed at the Al-Jam’iyyaat Quarter west of the Bakery.  No other details.



John Esq. sends us more inspiring stories of the SAA straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.  I do believe there is a mistake in the essay.  I believe the general in charge was M. Tawfeeq Al-Juhni.   My memory could be failing me:

Syrian Arab Army

19 hrs ·

Why was the Syrian 11th armored division formed, and why it was given this designation number “11th”?

July 11, 1982 – Battle of Sultan Ya`qoub in Southern Lebanon between the Syrian forces and Zionist occupation.

Brigadier General Tawfiq Majed Jalloul commander of the 81st brigade of the 3rd armored division was given direct orders from late commander in chief Hafiz al-Assad to stop the Zionist advancement toward Beirut, and to make sure they do not secure the Damascus – Beirut highway.

Brigadier General Tawfiq Majed Jalloul and the units he commanded from the 81th brigade of the 3rd armored division and 91st brigade of the 1st division, and two Spec-Ops companies who were known later by Syrian Tank Hunters managed to stop the Zionist advancement by ambushing them in Jab al-Jneen area in Southern Lebanon.

The Zionist forces reached the Syrian ambush at sunset, the Tank Hunters took out the first and last tanks, then attacked the convoy. Soviet made T-72 tanks were used for the first time in that battle.

Brigadier General Tawfiq Majed Jalloul’s units managed to capture 12 Zionist tanks, one M48 Patton of which was burned and destroyed on route to Syria.

11 captured Zionist Tanks arrived, and for that, late Commander in Chief Hafiz al-Assad instructed of construction a new armored division, with the number designation 11. The 11th armored division is not a part of any Army Corps, it was a reserve armored division and one of the best armored divisions of the Syrian Army. It was placed in active duty during the crisis.

Syrian casualties was one Tank Hunter.

The tanks are on display today in Syrian military museums.

Syrian Arab Army



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