Idlib/Hama: Syrian Air Force Softens Up Terrorist Positions as Syrian Army Readies for D-Day

armyIDLIB:  There is a news blackout in Jisr Al-Shughoor and the Waadi Al-Ghaab/Al-Zaawiya Mountain areas.  The news I have to share with you is what involves the deployment of new SAA forces from Al-Shulfaatiyya (Latakia) and Bayt Faaris including the new arrivals (20,000) by ship from Iran.   We can also confirm that Russian supply ships are docking on a daily basis at both Tartous and Latakia. Judging by the increase in Air Force activity, this would indicate that the Russians are sending the advanced air-to-ground missiles we discussed before including large quantities of jet fuel.  The Iranian general, Ghaassem Solaymaani, is in the Latakia area in the eastern mountains and is said to be coordinating action at Jisr Al-Shughoor – the primary target.   Talk of Iranians executing Syrian officers is pure nonsense and lends itself to the same propagandistic narratives of what took place supposedly before the resignation of Lt. General Rafeeq Shihaada and the death of Maj. Gen. Rustum Ghazaala.  Iranians have not been given command of Syrian Forces in the Idlib Theater.

The Front at Idlib is indistinguishable from the same one at Hama.  We will be covering these two areas as though they were one because the coordinated military action crosses the administrative borders of both provinces.

SAAF has been reported to have killed 300+ Nusra/Alqaeda rodents and affiliated Jaysh Al-Fath vermin during the last 48 hours in increasingly heavy bombing over Jisr Al-Shughoor and Idlib City.  Of these 300 killed, close to one half were killed today in Hama at the Zayzoon Dam, Tal Al-A’war, Al-Kufayr, Tal Khattaab and the Sugar Factory where the Jaysh Al-Fath murderers were massing for a knockout blow to SAA defenders there.   I cannot emphasize enough the cooperation of the local people here in spotting and monitoring the movement of rats.  We also have been informed that the SAA is now using a kind of improved homer device with long-lasting battery power that has become crucial to the SAAF in finding its targets on the ground and delivering messages regarding movements of rats.  These homers can be positioned both manually and from the air.

Via Wikimapia:

In 2000, my wife and I were invited by Dr. Muhsin and his wife to a wonderful lunch at a café overlooking Qastoon, Zayzoon and the dam.  It was wonderful. Sadly, so many of these beautiful sites have been destroyed by the presence of Devil-worshiping Zionist-slave Islamist rodents whose days are numbered.

Idlib City:  The SAA-SF killed these foreign rodents:


Sayfuddeen Al-Turkestaani (TURK PIG SPUTUM)

Another grouping was confirmed hit but no assessment could be performed.

Kafr ‘Uwayd:  A meeting of Jaysh Al-Fath degenerates here was reported to SAA-MI who gave the SAAF the coordinates to strike.  Inside were over 40 rat field commanders.  The Sukhoi bombers struck with precise lethality killing everyone inside including:

Abu Ahmad Al-Darweesh (rat leader. Id pending)

It is reported to us that a homer was placed inside the apartment where the meeting took place.

Heavy fighting reported here:  Muhambal, Sanqaara, Al-Muqaabala, ‘Ayn Al-Hamraa, Basanqool, Kinsafra, Kafr Shalaayaa, Al-Faasida, Jinaa Al-‘Ilbaawi, Al-Nu’ayma, ‘Uqayrabaat.


Abu Dhuhoor Airbase:  4 Nusra/Alqaeda vehicles including a pickup truck with 23mm cannon were all incinerated by the SAAF as SAA cannoneers gave additional support with heavy artillery breaking a concentration of rodents trying for the 400th time to enter the perimeter of the base.  No official assessment, but, Wael reports scores of rats dotting the countryside.

الجيش يوسع نطاق حمايته لمطار الثعلة ويكثف غاراته في شمال درعا

Al-Majaass:  SAAF, once again, flying with impunity over the mass of rats here.  New Russian ait-to-ground missiles devastating the filthy, syphilis-carrying Islamist garbage reducing them to crushed rat-Spam.  MANPADs which are known to be in the possession of the Alqaeda terrorists and provided by the United States, France and Britain, are useless against the high-flying bombers with the new jamming countermeasures technology.

Umm Jareen:  SAAF in action again killing grouping of rodents. No other details.

North of Khushayr:  Ditto.



John Esq. sends this insightful analysis of Iran’s battle with Western and Zio-propagated propaganda by Flint Leverett and his wife, Hillary, who count as real experts on SyrPer’s list:

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest in Saudi Arabia:


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