Obama’s Al Qaeda Torn to Shreds by Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah in Qalamoon ~ Rat Leaders Flee Leaving their Scum to Die

Ziad Fadel / 8 June 2015

أنباء عن فرار الإرهابي أبو مالك التلي إلى داخل بلدة عرسال

The Christian-hating rat Alqaeda “Ameer” (commander) of the Qalamoon, Abu Maalik Al-Talli, and 2 other field commanders jumped their sinking ship last night and found temporary haven in ‘ArsaalThe Lebanese Security Services have pinpointed the location of one of the commanders and is planning to take him into custody.  

North Tallat Sadr Al-Bustaan:  SAA-MI have counted 62 rat carcasses after a disastrous confrontation with the Syrian Army and HZB here.  The fighting was to the death and the professionalism of the SAA and the HZB was the dominant factor as our troops engaged in hand-to-hand fighting with the infidel Satan-worshiping Zionist-supported rodents.  Here are the names of the only Syrians in the regiment-sized Al-Qaeda pack:

Basheer Al-Jallaad

Ahmad Siraajeddeen

Zuhayr Hussayn Al-Shaamaat

Talaal Muhammad Kurd

Majdi Mutafaa Al-‘Aa`idi

Muhammad Mudarris

‘Abdul-Ameer Al-Shaaghoori

‘Ali Shihaabeddeen Mustafaa Al-Kilaawi

Mahmoud Burhaan Al-Aaghaa

The rest were all foreigners. Many Jordanteezians.

Harf Al-Dabbool and Tallat Sadr Al-Bustaan Triangle in Lebanon:  In a separate battle, HZB tore into Al-Qaeda killing 22 rodents and liberating this entire area.

Qurnat Al-Tannoor Summit:  HZB now controls this commanding view of ‘Arsaal’s foothills after a brilliantly executed assault on remaining Al-Qaeda positions.  This summit overlooks several tactically significant sites: Waadi ‘Uways, Waadi `Atneen, Waadi Al-Khayl, Waadi Al-Qusayr.

VERY IMPORTANT:  THE SYRIAN ARMY AND HZB HAVE TAKEN OVER CONTROL OF BOTH SIDES OF THE AL-HAMRAA/AL-QUSAYR CROSSING.  This pathway connects Faleeta and the Qalamoon Mountains to ‘Arsaal.  It is now over.  There can be no more smuggling weapons or rats into Damascus from Lebanon. MAJOR, DECISIVE TRIUMPH FOR THE SYRIAN ARMY AND THE LEBANESE RESISTANCE.

Magharra Al-Meer east of Bayt Saabir:  The latter was the subject of an SAA victory 2 days ago which we reported.  Now, the escapees from that battle dug in for their swan song and were annihilated.  The entire pack was killed by the SAA after surrounding them and pounding them with mortars and artillery.

West ‘Ayn Al-Bustaan north of Sa’sa’:  Fighting with the SAA advancing through the area.

Khaan Al-Shaykh:  Rat defenses tenacious here because they know there is nowhere to go.  SAAF actively pummeling their tunnels and fortifications.  It’s only a matter of a short time before they collapse and the pleasurable act of exterminating Al-Qaeda will start in earnest.

الجيش السوريAl-Manqoora Well:  Skirmishing with no details.

Bahr Quarry:  Armored cars destroyed and pieces of artillery with it. Rats abandoned positions leaving all equipment behind.  Monzer writes that 17 rodents carcasses were counted.



HUGE!!  Saudis escaping Arabia for protection in Europe.  I hope this is true:


Read more at http://www.syrianperspective.com/2015/06/alqaeda-torn-to-shreds-by-syrian-army-and-hzb-in-qalamoon-rat-leaders-flee-leaving-their-scum-to-die.html#0tGzoY5jkFgRJzsB.99

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