All Out War for Idlib has Begun! New Forces Arriving in the Thousands! Victory for Syria ~ Disgrace for Obama’s Terrorists


by Ziad Fadel/ 5 June 2015

سلاح الجو - ميداني

IDLIB:  If the Turk, Qatari and Saudi monkeys thought the American and English miscreants had any aura of competence, they were disabused quickly of that notion once the spectacle of thousands of new fighters and bombers appeared on the scene.  You are now watching the pathetic program of disinformation in the West take on a quality not terribly dissimilar to a bedizened burlesque queen sloughing off her finest boas, corsets, bustiers and stays down to the last humiliating hairpin in her ghastly gray wig.  Study the propaganda carefully.  It’s a repeat of the early stuff where “Assad has little time left”, “he’s embattled”, “he’s surrounded” and all the other Zionist manufactured hogwash which only brought into stark relief the utter bankruptcy of journalism in the West.

Jisr Al-Shughoor:  The Syrian Arab Air Force, flying newly retooled Sukhois and MiGs, with a kaleidoscope of new air-to-ground missiles and bombs, shellacked Obama’s terrorist rodents here in 3 separate sorties incinerating 2 pickup trucks and a tanker loaded with diesel.  There is an unconfirmed report the SAAF also struck a T-62 tank killing its crew of hyenas.   I am reading a message now which describes the arrival of “thousands” of fighters from the coast.

Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan:  The birthplace of my beloved Abu Al-‘Alaa` Al-Ma’arri, his memory sullied by the presence of Obama’s terrorist savages belonging to the recently formed Saudi-Qatari-Erdoghani oleo, the “Jaysh Al-Fath” (yawn), made up ofNusra/Alqaeda, Jund Al-Aqsaa, Al-Jabhat Al-Islamiyya and other gangs of infidels aided directly by the United States.    The SAAF clobbered them with incessant strafing startingFriday afternoon and continuing into the tea time.  Aerial assessments are not terribly accurate.  All we know is that the SAAF reports 51 carcasses with scores being rushed to field hospitals.

Bisaamis Village:  A warehouse loaded with weapons sent by Saudi cockroaches and delivered by Erdoghani cannibals was vaporized just south of Areehaa.  No other details.

Jidraayaa Village:  The SAAF is softening up rat positions here ahead of an expected frontal assault by SAA tanks and armor.

Heelaa Village:  Another area being softened up by air bombing.  Monitored communications indicate the rats here want to withdraw to Areehaa, but, are being ordered to hold positions no matter what.   Wael says the speaker spoke Arabic with a distinct Turk accent.

New forces of the SAA are now massing in these areas:  Al-Kufayr, Awram Al-Jawz, Sirmeen, ‘Ayn Al-Baarida  

I can confirm the deaths of these Saudi Arabian vermin on May 18, 2015:

‘Abdullah Al-Najm Al-‘Abdullah

Idrees Muhammad Al-Ra’d

Muhammad Maalih Al-Fajr

‘Abduh ‘Ali Al-Naa’ooshi

‘Abdul-‘Azheem Al-Ja’oo

Hassan Muhammad Al-Zurayq

Muhammad Shaykh Yusuf

‘Abdul-Kaafi bin Hameed Al-Sudayri


HAMA:  Here too, reports coming in of newly arrived fighters from Iran.  These have been described as Farsi-speaking, although Pashtun is a related language. Obama thinks he’s got the upper hand with his stinking allies in Saudi Arabia.  Apparently not, folks.  Iran has just started using its deck of trump cards.


The Syrian Army and its allies have just liberated the following towns in north Hama Province in anticipation these areas will be staging grounds for the massive assault on Idlib: Tal Ghazaal, Tal A’war, Al-Ziyaadiyya, Al-Saraareef.  We can confirm 47 dead rats with the injured described vaguely as “in the tens” being rushed north to Idlib for treatment.  The SAAF is very much in action preventing the wounded vultures from reaching any medical care.  At Al-Saraareef, the SAA reported destroying a mortar launcher, rockets and 6 pickups with 23mm cannons.  Here are the names of the only Syrians:

Talaal Abu Ghayth

Sa’adeddeen Kharbatli

Mahmoud Qassoom

Riyaadh Hussayn Zu’aynu

Sayf Ghaalib Al-Haashim

Muhammad Ma’roof

Jaabir Muhammad-‘Ali Kayyaali

All the others were foreigners


LATAKIA:  The following towns have now been declared liberated completely by the Syrian Army and MoD:

Al-Rayyaana Village

Bayt ‘Ayyoosh and all hills surrounding it

Qastal Ma’aaf



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