Erodgan’s Turkish Bath: Preparing for his Bogwash

Ziad Fadel / 2 June 2015

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The signs are everywhere.  Those who have messed around with Syria got exactly what’s coming to them.  Notice how scandals have evaded Dr. Bashar Al-Assad.  Other than the scandals foisted on him from the scheming West, Assad has dodged everything in his own country.  Even the terrorist rats have been hard put to invent anything as ornate as American fictional analysis of chemical weapons, barrel bombs, chlorine and the all-purpose “indiscriminate shelling” always useful when you have absolutely nothing else.  Scandals invented from the outside are obviously propaganda and you can almost always predict the source – sometimes with uncanny preciosity.

But, when the scandal is from the inside – you know it’s going to be redolent with the obscene.  I mean, look at it this way: if Syria were to deliberately spread a rumor about Erdoghan’s sexual preferences (SyrPer thinks he likes little boys, for example), Turks in the street would say it’s some other country with an ax to grind spewing venom at their prime minister.  They would shrug their shoulders.  It’s water off a duck’s back. Right?……Right.

But, when the scandal is from the inside, from your own journalists or from your own party members, then, the average Turkish John Q. Public wants to learn more – his curiosity is piqued.  Erdoghan’s problems started years ago with talk about filling his pockets and those of his children with Zionist money and jailing his enemies.  He just built a palace worthy of Sulayman the Magnificent.  The people of the Near East, the Middle East and the Mediterranean view such shenanigans as de rigueur.   It’s what politicians do as part of their job description.  But when the national newspaper, Cumhiriyet, publishes videos of Erdoghan’s goons unprofessionally sending arms to Alqaeda in Syria under the guise of medicine, the man in the street begins to think in terms of criminal behavior and national disgrace.  Usually, a feeding frenzy follows, the exposed miscreant finds he has no friends – and if he had any they are now dissociating themselves from him, arguing credibly that they did not know that he would stoop so low- that they were deceived by him; used cruelly to execute orders they suspected were possibly unethical.

Erdoghan’s once rosy foreign policy has fallen to the ravenous dogs of time.  What was an halcyon era of “all friends in the neighborhood” has transmogrified into “no friends anywhere……not even in Hell”.  His dreams of membership in the EU are about as distant as the Church of the Holy Apostles in Istanbul.  He is viewed by the Europeans as some Asiatic despot, an Islamic fanatic, a crook, embezzler, terrorist.  His ties to the Muslim Brotherhood are so unabashed he is literally a poster boy for that organization.  He has lost all respect in the most populous Arab nation of Egypt.  He can never restore relations with Syria and Iraq.  Putin despises him.  The Iranians are looking for ways to undermine him.  He is the proverbial “rabid dog” all the village fathers are trying to shoot dead.

Erdoghan used to vacation with Dr. Assad, that is until he figured out Dr. Assad was secular and non-religious.  It must have been quite a site to imagine the very westernized Syrian president, an ophthalmologist, and his very tony Syrian/British wife cavorting with the pre-Cambrian sludge in the form of Erdoghan and his peek-a-boo crone of a wife.   I mean, you would never expect Erdoghan’s wife to be on the cover of Harper Magazine.  She might qualify for “Housemaid Gazette”.

Erdoghan has been spoiling for war for 2 years now.  He is not impressed with the terrorists he has mostly single-handedly injected into neighboring Syria.  I have read that he is still furious over the loss of Kassab Crossing.  He has now crossed the red line.  I can tell my readers that Turkish military units participated in the Nusra/Alqaeda invasion of Idlib City and Jisr Al-Shughoor by providing artillery cover and infantry command.  SYRIAN PERSPECTIVE HAS ALREADY DECLARED THAT WE ARE AT WAR WITH TURKEY.  NOW WE ARE OPENLY CALLING FOR THE ASSASSINATION OF THIS RABID MONSTER!

Erdoghan’s efforts to usurp powers for his own office may result in his party’s debacle this June.  It’s coming in a few days.  Russia, Syria and Iran are waiting for a popular response from Turk voters.  This is a test, really, for Turkey as a nation.  Is it really modern in the way Ataturk envisioned his new polity?   Or, is it as some have suggested, a satrapy not far removed from the mentality of Central Asia.



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