Obama’s Terrorists Fertilizing Syrian Soil as Compost ~ Idlib: Syrian Air Force Softens up Al-Qaeda as Prelude to Annihilation of Terrorists

/ 1 June 2015

مقتل العشرات من إرهابيي النصرة بغارات لسلاح الجو السوري في ريف ادلب

This bag of fertilizer can be seen percolating into Syrian soil in one last positive act in his otherwise miserable, useless life. 

IDLIB:  As the Syrian Army absorbs more reinforcements at Kafr Shalaayaa and Awram Al-Jawz, the Syrian Air Force launched a massive air campaign to prepare the ground for the assault on Jisr Al-Shughoor.  You have read here about the Saudi rodent’s, ‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini’s, entreaties to his fellow rats to come to his assistance because Jisr Al-Shughoor is “about to fall”.  He pleaded with his cohorts to spare the city’s falling back into the hands of the SAA.  Well, to make sure this Saudi hog doesn’t get what he wants, the SAAF has been pounding every artery leading to the town making sure no more supplies, medicine or weapons arrive from Turkey or Idlib City.

The action was mostly over the southern part of the governorate with a combination of attacks by SU-24s, MiG 29s and high flying, refitted MiG 21s carrying new ground-to-air missiles delivered by the Russian Federation.  With ISIS advancing against Nusra positions in northern Aleppo Province, Nusra would like to move more rats to defend its only supply routes from Turkey on the Aleppo border.  But, the SAAF is making that difficult.  And it’s not because ISIS is working with the Syrian Army – it’s just that the SAA wants to insure the rats continue to kill one another.  In truth, in this war, all the terrorists rats are gray.

Abu Dhuhoor Irrigation Canal:   SAAF carried out 3 sorties as rodents made preparations for another one of their suicide truck bombings.  This time, they never got to the execution level as the SAAF strafed them mercilessly until the one suicide truck exploded killing a reported 20+ rats.  No names available because no assessment could be made.

Syrian Army Repels ISIL Attack in Hasaka

South Al-Majaass:  SAAF strafing followed by an NDC clean-up netted 14 dead rats with many reportedly wounded.  Of the 14, only these were identified as Syrian:

‘Abdul-Rahmaan Hussayn Taahaa

Mustafaa Ahmad Baddoor

Faa`iq Sa’eed Shahhaal

Kafr Laataa:  An armored car, several pieces of artillery and a mortar launcher went up in flames during an SAAF strafing.  No details.

Ma’ar-Baleet Village:  A van carrying what is believed to be 4 Nusra leaders was struck after MI called in the strikes.

Al-Mastooma Area:  This area was seized by the rats a few days ago when the SAA withdrew to redeploy at Awram Al-Jawz and Kafr Shalaayaa.  It is being bombed daily.  Yesterday and today were no exception.

‘Ayn Al-Sawda:  SAAF pounced on a small convoy of vans with one pickup armed with a 23mm cannon and destroyed it all. No assessment.

Heavy bombings by SAAF reported here:  Museebeen, Areehaa Area, Hallooz, Qumaynaas, Qar’s Al-Ghazaal, Al-Basheeriyya, Nahlayyaa.

Read more at http://www.syrianperspective.com/2015/06/idlib-syrian-air-force-softens-up-alqaeda-as-prelude-to-annihilation-of-terrorists.html#SYMg2vSwyAotwutX.99


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