The Walls of Jericho Tumble Down ~ Why the Syrian Army withdrew from Areehaa ~ What is Tehran doing about It

  مصدر عسكري: الجيش ينسحب إلى خطوط دفاعية بمحيط مدينة اريحا بريف ادلب Areehaa is Jericho in Arabic. It fell to the Turk-supported vultures yesterday after very heavy fighting. I HAVE SAID THIS BEFORE, AND I WILL SAY IT AGAIN NOW: WE ARE AT WAR WITH TURKEY, SAUDI ARABIA, QATAR AND JORDAN. There can be no beating around the bush. Syria is even at war with Britain’s ruling junta, the French criminal regime and the United States which is led by the world’s most sinister war criminal – the half-breed fraud, Obama. Russia has sent a Parliamentary delegation to Damascus to reassure Syria of Moscow’s deep commitment to the security and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic emphasizing growing technological cooperation between the two sovereign nations. SyrPer can confirm that a record number of ships and cargo planes from Russia have been both docking and landing in Syria’s coastal zones. They are not carrying bottles of vodka.

Turkey planned this operation for weeks. Syria has used drones to monitor the concentration of terrorist forces mostly in the area of Turk-occupied Iskenderoun. One drone was shot down by the miserable Turks when it encroached on to their territory last week. The SAA knew of the assault on the northwest part of Idlib Province. The only surprise was the vast number of rodents used to accomplish the assault. The came from both Turkey and Idlib. Their efforts to collect rodents from Jisr Al-Shughoor came a cropper due to the fact that the town is completely surrounded by the SAA.

Areehaa is about 3 kms to the south of Idlib. It’s population is very pro-Damascus so expect the usual carnage at the hands of the Alqaeda savages. I have been informed that the SAA assured the safety of government employees by evacuating most of them before the phased and organized withdrawal of our army.

About 7 days ago, the rodents bombarded the town with over 1000 rockets and artillery shells acquired by the Saudi Arabian apes and delivered to them by the brainless, sick Turks of Hakan Fidan’s MIT. Coupled with American-supplied TOW anti-tank rockets, their ground assault to the north of the town was too costly to withstand given the fact that the army was still awaiting a large force from Hama to arrive. The rats also, with Turk connivance, picked a time when meteorological predictions were for cloud cover essentially handicapping the SAAF again a la Idlib City. With American-supplied MANPADS, our air force has to stay at elevations higher than the clouds in order to use newly acquired, super-accurate laser-guided Russian air-to-ground missiles.

The decision to withdraw from Areehaa was an easy one for the SAA High Command. The chance of losing many soldiers to American equipment given to Alqaeda to massacre Christians and other minorities when the air force was hobbled by bad weather was too high a price. Moreover, the areas about which we are talking are in the northwest of the country close to the stagnant feudal state of Turkey where the rats have guaranteed supply routes attended to by Erdoghan’s thugs.

The SAA has withdrawn to a short distance from Areehaa. The SAA’s large army has repositioned at Awram Al-Jawz and Kafr Shalaayaa, all to the south and southwest. The area around Jabal Al-Arba’een has been overrun by the rats except that the summit remains under the control of our soldiers who will need air-borne resupply every once in a while. We can confirm that all supply routes to the army and to the provinces of Latakia, Hama and Tartous are protected with the International Highway remaining under the SAA’s control. The Wahhabist child molesting war criminals have control now over Kafr Najd, Al-Mu’taram and Arshaayaa.

The Western Press has begun another propaganda offensive quoting the eminently unquotable felon at SOHR. That rodent claims that Hizbollah was involved in the withdrawal from Areehaa. He is lying. If there are any Lebanese fighters in the area, they are part of the National Defense Force which does accept both Lebanese, Iraqi and Palestinian volunteers. You can always assume SOHR is lying from the fact that it gets all its falsehoods from MI6 and the stinking British Foreign Office. Not to worry.

There are several factors playing out here which can explain why the SAA is not fighting to its highest capabilities. The first is Iran’s negotiations with the West. June 30 is the last day for the talks unless someone can extend that time. The Iranians are not interested any longer in delaying this process. They have received assurances from the BRICS countries that, no matter what the outcome, sanctions will be lifted in their entirety. This means that China, India and Russia will declare the sanctions regime over. With all these countries interested in trading with their own currencies, the bankruptcy of Obama’s policies will be brought into full relief. This is why the U.S. is so keen on strengthening ISIS. The trip by Iraqi p.m. Al-‘Abbaadi to Moscow is only a prelude to what the Americans now know will be another U.S. exit.

Iran is anxious to get out of the U.N.-imposed sanctions regime. And, so is Germany. Businessmen in Germany are flooding Iran with opportunities for investment and business proposals which the feckless, matronly hag, Angela Merkel, cannot ignore. Add to this the burgeoning relationship between Germany’s BND and Syria’s security establishment in which Damascus is cooperating in anti-terrorist operations in Europe.

Whether a deal on Iran’s peaceful nuclear program will get off to a punctual and positive start is anybody’s guess. But, Iran is banking, literally, on a major shift in its economic posture – so important the Saudis and their Zionist allies shiver at the very thought – because Iran will overtake the Zionist Khazar State as the biggest provider of technology to the region, an event which will redound to Syria’s benefit as bigger and better equipment will be purchased from the frugal Russians.

But, there is also the imminent collapse of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi clan or “royal” family is at odds over succession and economic policy. Add to that the adventure in Yemen where a coalition of nobodies is waging an empty-headed war to enshrine sectarianism as an axiom of Arab existence. With Yemen not breaking, and, in fact, expanding into Saudi Arabian territory, the Saudis are completely at a loss to deal with this development especially in light of Pakistan’s reluctance to send troops while the Taliban are having their way in Afghanistan and the western spine of the country. The Saudis can try to cajole Africans to come and participate in this fool’s errand, but, that cannot shake the belief that all experts have about the very existence of a Saudi army or, even if it existed, whether it would fight and die for a race of greedy apes and bloodsucking leeches which are the symbols on the Saudi escutcheon.

It appears that the SAA is willing to cede territory if it is on the margins of the country. Towns like Al-Raqqa, Palmyra, Idlib, Manbij, are expendable and recoverable. It’s all a matter of timing and planning. The center of the country is in the hands of the government. Rats can occupy desert zones with little interference from our army, to be sure, a condition which often leads commentators to proclaim, misleadingly, that huge swathes of our lands to be in the realm of ISIS, for example. But the territory is, more often than not, arid wasteland or rainless steppes. We must never lose sight of the essential constituents of statehood and remember how wars ebb and flow. I am most optimistic about Syria’s future. The enemies of Syria are heading for a dark, pitiless abyss. ZAF


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