How the Syrian Army Broke the Siege of the National Hospital and Rescued It’s Defenders



YOU PERSEVERED AND RESISTED BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW THE WORD `DEFEAT’ OR ‘SURRENDER’.  President Bashar Al-Assad to the soldiers who held out at the National Hospital.

The British are positively the most involved in disseminating lies about virtually everything in Syria.  When it came to the National Hospital they pulled out all the stops and blanketed the world with lies so egregious the Persian expression “Booyeh Britaanyaa`iy بوي بريطانيائئ  was given a new vitality.  British sources relying on the convicted felon and seditionist (England’s own Musaylima, مسيلمة at SOHR were publishing hilarious accounts of how our soldiers were trapped inside the hospital awaiting death at the hands of the heroic barbarians of Alqaeda (who are supported almost wholly by the stinking limey regime of David Cameron).  This, when all the while, our soldiers were basking in the sunshine of liberty in the Ghaab Valley, Syria’s Bekaa. The British propagandists were caught with their shoes stuffed down their throats.

The Syrian Army defenders of the hospital were led by a brilliant field commander with extensive training in siege warfare.  Before the SAA pulled out of Jisr Al-Shughoor a month ago to lead the evacuation of the city, Col. Mahmoud Subha, insisted on holding a position in the south in order to help relieve the trapped patients and their medical providers.  Those patients were gradually spirited out of the hospital before the encirclement by the filthy, English-supported rats was complete.  But, Col. Subha insisted on accumulating as many weapons and ammunition as he could for what he knew might be a long siege.  In fact, at the time of his evacuation, the SAA inside the hospital, thanks to his foresight, had enough weapons to fight on for another 3 months.  However, the decision to free the soldiers was taken because there was intelligence that the rats were preparing a series of suicide truck attacks which might have compromised the hospital’s structure.

With 223 soldiers armed to the teeth and with excellent visibility, the soldiers held out against the stinking British-aided rats for over a month killing a reported 186 Alqaeda/Nusra rodents.

Two weeks ago, Col. Suhayl Al-Hassan (The Tiger) decided that the only way to take Jisr Al-Shughoor back from the vultures was to clean it out in preparation for a blitzkrieg led by the SAAF.  Preparations were being made to open a gap in the siege.  The Nusra rodents lied to the Western press when they said they “deliberately” allowed a corridor to be opened in order to let the trapped soldiers think they had a way out.  The rats declared that it was only when they started to escape that the rats would close the circle around them and kill them all.  It was supposed to be an ambush. And that’s what SOHR began to kite and the lies were picked up by sexually ambiguous morons in various parts of the U.K.  That was a full-blown lie, in any case.  It was a mere cover-up for what turned out to be a delicate and perspicaciously planned operation that worked perfectly.

With the SAAF enjoying complete air supremacy – these rats had old shoulder-fired anti-aircraft rockets from Turkey – a corridor was mapped out which would lead from the hospital south to the 2 villages of Al-Ziyaara and Qarqoor.

Via Wikimapia:

The rats figured out what the SAA was doing and tried to block any escape with the use of mortars while the SAA joined the SAAF in bombarding whole areas around the hospital with FROG, GRAD and other rockets of which the army has hundreds of thousands.  The rat group most responsible for trying to impose the siege was the Alqaeda offshoot called the “Abu ‘Amaara Brigade” led by the now dead ’Abdul-Kareem Al-‘Abed.   He was killed by the SAA.  In any case, the gap opened up 3 days ago and the order was issued to begin the evacuation.  It went off superbly.   

Yesterday, the SAAF fired at a truck being readied for a suicide bombing and destroyed it killing an estimated 20 rodents.

Al-Mastooma:  The SAAF destroyed 3 vehicles with all their rats.  No other details available.  This occurred on May 19,m 2015.

Qumaynaas Junction:  Nusra was hit hard by the SAAF.  No details.

Areeha:  Heavy reinforcements are coming in from the SAA.  It is an obvious invasion force.



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