Military Expert: Syrian Army Invincible Despite Anti-Damascus Media War


TEHRAN (FNA)– The foreign-backed Takfiri terrorists cannot defeat the Syrian army despite the psychological and media campaign launched by their Arab and western backers, a military expert and researcher underlined.

“The magnitude and intensity of the recent clashes between the Syrian army and the terrorists in the mountainous Qalamoun region (in Damascus countryside) and the army’s offensive against the ISIL terrorists in the ancient city of Tadmar (in Homs province) proves that the Syrian army is invincible despite the ongoing media war launched to weaken the morale of the army and the resistance forces,” Mohammad Farid Issa told FNA on Tuesday.

“Reactionary Arab media outlets cover the terrorist groups’ crimes in such a way as if they were of strategic importance and played an influential role in toppling the Syrian government,” he added.

“However, the realities on the ground show that what is happening is just a media ploy against Syria and an effort to undermine the Syrian army’s victories,” Issa added.

On Sunday, the Syrian army and the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance fighters launched the second phase of their massive operations to liberate al-Qalamoun strategic region in Damascus countryside after making great advances against the Takfiri militants in the first phase.

According to Syrian military officials, the second phase of the al-Qalamoun liberation operation mainly focuses on the Northern parts of the region.

During the first phase, the forces managed to regain control of the Southern and Central parts of the al-Qalamoun region.

The Syrian forces and Hezbollah regained control of 78 sq/k of Ras al-Mara region which connects the al-Jabbah and Falitah districts, the Northern and Southern parts of Qalamoun. They also regained control of the hills, plains and mountains of the region in the first phase.

Some 275 sq/k of the Syrian lands were purged of the Takfiri militants and another 25 sq/k of areas along the border with Lebanon were also captured by the Syrian army and Hezbollah.

In the second phase, the Syrian-Hezbollah forces plan to lay siege to the hills of Western Qalamoun, including the strategic hill of Moussa, and to advance towards Falitah from various sides.



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