Latakia: More Strategic Sites taken by Syrian Army, Erdogan’s Turk Terrorists Befuddled


/ 19 May 2015


LATAKIA: It appears the rodents can’t do anything right.  They can’t even hold on to mountainous redoubts easily protected by the Tartous City Girl Scouts. Yesterday, the Syrian Army backed by Popular Defense Committees trashed whole areas once infested by Turk-supported foreign rats killing over 30 of them with the rest hurrying back to the safety of Terrorist Turkey.  The seizure of all the summit of Jabal Al-Nabi Yunus (Jonah the Prophet Mountain) gave the SAA a unique vantage point with which to monitor and study rat positions.  Its loss was a disaster for the retarded Turks.

Al-Rayyaana Village:  The rodents were praying to their beloved Satan when the SAA came upon them from the south in 4 platoons of infantrymen.  One unit moved stealthily to secure the pile of mortar rockets and boxes of ammunition stacked up like so much unwanted Christmas presents.  The captain in charge of the operation then gave the go-ahead to open fire on the kneeling vermin.  Oh, what a mess!  14 rodents were sent straight to Old Scratch without so much as a whimper.  Among the carcasses were Turkomans and Turks.  There were no Syrians.  I have no names.

Via Wikimapia:

Bayt ‘Ayyoosh Village:  All Jihadist foreigners here In the farms and hills around this sleepy hamlet.  You can find it below Qastal Ma’aaf in an unnamed box.   The SAA seized heavy weapons brought in from Turkey, some with Zionist markings.  There were some sophisticated communications equipment of clearly Turk origin but manufactured in Japan and the Zionist Entity.  The number killed was 10 with 4 taken prisoner.

Qastal Ma’aaf:  This is the resort town favored by a physician acquaintance of mine named Dr. Hassan Al-Khateeb from Damascus.  It was liberated fully and finally yesterday.  All the pretty chalets were stripped of tiles, furniture – even the fruit trees were deliberately damaged by the stinking, slimy, greasy rats who turned out to be mostly from Chechnya and Daghestan.

Fighting also reported in Jubb Al-Ahmar and Al-Markashliyya. 



The Syrians are coming! The Syrians are coming! John Esq. sends this article about some nimrod’s idea for solving the Syrian refugee problem:



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