Damascus: Syrian Army and Hezbollah Conquer all Ra’s Al-Ma’arra

/ 16 May 2015

هل بدأ الجيش السوري معركة القلمون؟

The sudden joint Syrian/Lebanese attack on positions long-held by the Alqaeda/Nusra terrorists has resulted in some very interesting developments.  Based on Ba’ath Party sources and Monzer’s memos to me, it appears the rats were not prepared for the kind of invasion they saw in the areas of the Qalamoon which have been liberated.  It took the Syrian Army and its Lebanese allies in Hizbollah months to prepare for this.  There had to be coordination of secure communications between the units of the SAA and those of HZB.  There were training programs on new weapons and techniques.  And there had to be a successful disinformation campaign conducted by the SAA to give the rats the impression that nothing was coming soon.  Hence, their complete lack of preparedness.  And don’t ever get the impression the commanders on the ground aren’t smart and professional – nobody is going to give the terrorists an opportunity to regroup in order to launch a revanchist attack on previously lost positions.  It is the opinion of SyrPer that the terrorist presence in both Lebanon’s eastern mountains abutting Syria and those on the Syrian side is at a crucial end.  Oh, they will try to come back, but, judging by the denigration of their capabilities and concomitant destruction of morale, it is highly unlikely.  Expect more vilification and mutual accusations of treason from the terrorists.

Ra`s Al-Ma’arra:  COMPLETELY RAT FREE AS OF THIS MORNING.  The SAA and its HZB allies have scored a spectacular victory here liberating over 78 square kilometers of territory once dominated by noisome, plague-carrying rodents who flaunted their alliance with the Zionist Ghetto State and the simian regimes of the Arabian Peninsula.

Faleeta:  This village on the border of the Lebanon has been a major conduit for the transportation of enemy weapons and rats.  The SAA has reported major advances west of the village in an effort to finally close all avenues of infiltration.  According to Monzer, there are scores of dead rats rotting in the countryside with nobody having the will to pick them up for disposal.

الجيش السوري وحزب الله يسيطران على كامل جرود رأس المعرة في القلمون_____________________________________________________________________

QUNAYTRA:  A pickup truck with 23mm cannon was destroyed at South Tal Mas-hara with all occupants reportedly killed.  No details.




The Jordanian Front is an unmitigated flop thanks to the Jordanian ninnies populating the corridors of inefficiency and mental retardation.  Anybody who takes advice from a Jordanian military man should all orifices examined for contamination.  The Southern Front is a disaster.

Muhijja Village:  West of the Der’ah International Highway, the SAA killed 13 rodents and sent the rest scurrying back to their Jordanian babysitters.

Haashim Muhammad Sahnoon

Ahmad Zhaafir Al-Naabulusi

‘Ali Muhsin

Faraj ‘Abdullah Al-Hakeem

Siraajeddeen ‘Abbood Al-Safarjalaani

Saalih Jameel Sawaaliha

The rest were all foreigners who could not be identified.

Al-Faqee’ Village:  On the Old Der’ah Road.  The SAA had been conducting long-term surveillance over a group of Nusra hyenas who, eventually, were activated by some communication.  The trap was set and 9 were killed.   No other details.

West Al-Ghaariyya on the International Highway.  More rodents bite the dust.  Here, 4 surrendered in the hope of gaining Amnesty.

Kafr Shams:  Nusra and Harakat Al-Muthannaa Al-Islaamiyya took a hit here from the SAAF.  No other details.

Fighting reported here:  Tal ‘Ayn Faada, Lesser Tal Mutawwaq, Al-Thurayyaa, Al-Karak, Old Customs Building, Abu Bakr Mosque in the city, Al-Shiyyaah Well

Der’ah City:  A nest of vipers belonging to Nusra/Alqaeda and another belonging to Liwaa` Tawheed Al-Janoob and another belonging to Kateebat Madfa’iyyat Sijjeel and another belonging to Kataa`ib Mujaahidiyy Hawraan were all destroyed.  The number of dead,according to Monzer, is over 44 as of the assessment this Saturday morning.

Read more at http://www.syrianperspective.com/2015/05/damascus-syrian-army-and-hzb-conquer-all-ras-al-maarra-american-supported-terrorists-in-disarray.html#IQGT4bKjKoGbFF47.99<


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