Syrian Army Fire Power Shatters Obama’s Terrorist Positions in Qalamoon


/14 May 2015

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DAMASCUS:  The notoriously inept child molesting leader of Nusra/Alqaeda in the Qalamoon has called it quits and has abandoned his rats on the Syrian side for the comforts of the Lebanese.  Abu Maalik Al-Talli is now in ‘Arsaal having slinked away between SAA and HZB lines like a real rodent.  His location before this heroic act was at a location between Al-Jibba and Ra`s Al-Ma’arra.  The morale of the remaining rodents can only be described as “rock-bottom-low” after news of his departure made the rounds in the terrorist cell-phone network.

Tallat Moussaa:  Over 50 rats were killed here by the SAA with remnant rodents being hunted down as we write.  It is now under the complete control of the Syrian Army.  It is 2,580 meters above sea level and considered, as such, one of the prime summits from which to rat-watch, Zionist-rat-watch and hurl artillery at both.  All fortifications were pulverized before the SAA and HZB invaded.  Here are the only names of Syrians provided to us:

Hishaam Al-‘Alwaan

Husaam Rasheed Mallooh

Ghassaan ‘Abdul-Waali

Shaadi Mahmoud Deeraani

‘Ikrima Taahir Shal’oot

Mu’een Al-‘Abid Al-Danaa

Muhammad Hassan Khashshaam`

Hussayn Al-Faseeh

Qurnat Mashroo’ Haql Zu’aytir Heights:  Under complete military control of the SAA and HZB.

Jurood Bayt ‘Abdul-Haqq:  West of Ra`s Al-Ma’arra and east of Jurood Nahla.  Under complete SAA control.

All these areas have also been liberated and deloused: Tallat ‘Aqabat Al-Faskh southwest of Ra`s Al-Ma’rra, Tallat Al-Hirf, Dhahr Al-Hawaa, Al-Ma’arra east of Jurood Nahla which now prevents Nusra or its confederates from using other areas to bombard the Bekaa in Lebanon and Syrian civilians.

Faleeta:  An attempted infiltration from the Lebanon was a disaster for the crawling rodents.  5 leaders were reportedly killed at the area south of Tufayl.  Escaping rodents are now being hunted down by SAA and PDC as they search in vain for shelter in the barren foothills of Faleeta, Al-Zahwa and Zamraani Crossings.

Ra`s Al-Ma’arra:  The Syrian Army has complete control over all the barren foothills around this site as of Wednesday, May 13, 2015.  It is a matter of hours before the area is deloused.

In the East Ghoutaa:  36 rats killed in the East Ghoutaa yesterday.  All belonged to Jaysh Al-Islam and Ajnaad Al-Shaam.

Al-Reehaan:  Northeast of ‘Alloosh’s favorite cemetery at Doumaa, the SAA killed these Jaysh Al-Islam rats:

‘Izzeddeen Al-Sa’eed (rat leader)

Maazin Al-Nazzaal

Faaris Al-Najjaar

Waleed Al-‘Umar

Muhammad Al-Daqqi

الجيش السوريAl-NishaabiyyaNusra and Jaysh Al-Islam got popped here at Al-Zamaaniyya and Dayr Salmaan Farms. No other details.

مقتل 36 إرهابياً بقصف مدفعي للجيش استهدف مواقعهم في الغوطة الشرقية



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