RED ALERT: Heavy Deployment of US Soldiers and “Security Experts” Along Jordan-Syrian Border

the real Syrian Free Press

(Amman) ~ The United States has deployed soldiers and security experts at the Jordanian-Syrian borders, according to a Jordanian security source.

excerpt from: 
US Soldiers, Security Experts Deployed at Jordanian-Syrian Borders
by Hamda Mustafa, Syria Times, 12 May 2015

The US move stresses the insistence of the United States and its agents in the region to boost their political and military support for terrorist organizations in Syria under false pretexts like the plan of training what it is called “moderate opposition”. […]  Reports, facts and intelligence information assert that the United States and its allies have created ISIS to serve their interests in the Middle East.

According to Jordanian media, a Jordanian security source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, revealed that “US soldiers and security experts were heavily deployed at the Syrian borders,” claiming that “the deployment comes within the framework of carrying out joint US-Jordanian operations to…

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