The Odessa Massacre – a Personal Tribute

The Truth Speaker

Graham Phillips

I can’t pretend that my reaction towards the Odessa massacre didn’t come from the heart. I’d lived there for almost a year before the massacre of May 2nd 2014, in which pro-Ukraine activists burned alive a number of pro-Russia activists eyewitnesses report as over a hundred. Written numerous articles in raptures about the wonders of the southern coastal city. Taken any number of photos showing my love for the place I’d chosen to come to, call home.



I remember things really starting in Odessa, March 2014. Peaceful demonstrations, here thousands marching for referendum –

That hope that proceedings could be resolved peacefully increasingly in March giving way to fears that would be far from the case, as each passing week in Odessa escalated –

I was away for May 2nd, already reporting in Slavyansk, however given my attendance at actions in Odessa, knew many who…

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